Saturday, December 31, 2011

Whew! Ok 2012, Bring It ON!

I survived last night!  Wooooo!   Let me just say in hind sight, I wish we had been able to ask all of Tink's classmates to spend the night, but I had serious doubts about how I and my house could handle eight third graders and two first graders, so I set the third grade limit at three.  It's my goal to have the rest over at another date, maybe when I can turn them all loose outside.

Everyone but one did make it to The Muppet Movie at our local theater.  I met them at the door to take care of admittance, and Tall Guy was at the goodies counter to make sure no one went hungry!  $2.50 for a bag of popcorn, drink, and candy.  Thanks to another set of parents who helped with the seating!  Can't beat the small town theater for great family friendly entertainment!

I defy anyone to watch this movie and NOT sing along to at least two of the songs.  I was sucked right in with the opening production to The Muppet Show;  you know,

Its time to play the music
Its time to light the lights
Its time to meet the muppets on the Muppet Show tonight.

Its time put on makeup
Its time to dress up right
Its time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight

Then there was Kermit's "The Rainbow Connection," and they threw in that adictive little ditty that gets in your head and stays forever:  "Manamana do do do do do...Manamana do do do do...."  My favorite version is by Animal!  Love that furry little dude!

Of course, when we brought everyone home, NO ONE was ready for bed except Tall Guy and me, so we let them have at it for a while.  At 11:30 we headed up for bed and suggested they go to sleep. 

At 2:00 A.M., I am awakened by the tromping pitterpatter of little feet upstairs in the room next door..... WTH!?!?!Downstairs I go to investigate.  Tall Guy is about as much help as he was when the girls were newborns! :-P

After this trip down, I told them to settle down and go to sleep or I was going to send Daddy down.  I hear more of a ruckus, and decided to try one more time.  They thought Tall Guy was on his way and were scrambling.  Too funny.  I put  The Smurf Movie  in the player and told everyone that unless it was a severe bathroom moment their tushes were glued to the floor. 

This is what I found at 7:30 when I came down.

Breakfast was bacon (Yeah Pork!) and a variety of pancakes served to order (plain, blueberry, and chocolate chip).   They played some more, amazingly with old toys like Lincoln logs and Tinker Toys, and charades until parents started to arrive.  Bear and her buddy were a bit camera shy, but I promise they were in the mele somewhere.

I survived!  We survived!  With one of the sleepovers under my belt, my advice is to not be a control freak (like I tend to be because I used to be and always will be a teacher!) and just listen for big sounds that you think you should investigate.  It seems to work best that way.  Oh! and have a 6 foot 3 man on hand who looks stern when he needs to.

So I say Bring it 2012~! 

Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Just in Case This is My Last Post......

I want to tell you all how much I love you and enjoy all your comments.  As I type this, I have SIX girls 9 and under running around my house and I am not sure how the night will end.  We are supposed to all jump in vehicles and go see The Muppet Movie.  I am praying to make it that long.  Tall Guy just left to get pizza to feed the demons angels, and I told him to HURRY!

Just kidding!  I think we will be just fine.  It's just a lot of energy charging through my house.  Happy 9 year and one month birthday Tink!  We finally found time to celebrate!  Pictures to come later, that is if the camera and I survive! :-)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Just about Broke My Heart

No one in my house, well maybe with the exception of Tall Guy, likes to take the Christmas tree down, but this year it seems to be especially hard on Bear, on the couch in the sun room "tired" and our cat, Pumpkin.  She loves hanging out under the tree, and I always have to leave a space for her to curl up between the presents.

This was her position as I took the tree down.  She stayed there through all the ornament defrocking, lights detangled, and branches taken down.  Right to the very last row.  Bless her heart!

Now to go find the fur brush, and get a month's worth of cat hair off the tree skirt.  Until next year, Good-bye Christmas tree!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The First Snow Fall of the Winter!

It's a couple days late in some books, but we will take it.  I went out the front door to snap these pictures.  The girls are in the backyard messing it up with big rolls of snow and fun.  Cocoa is on the stove and ready for them when they come in.  Click here for a trip to last year and how I make it on the stove just like my mom made it for my brother and me! Yeah, I should be out there, but I'm inside enjoying the view and trying to do about three things at one time.  Here's to finding a better way to balance it all in 2012!

These bushes were part of my new landscaping this summer, and I planted them especially for this very moment!  SCORE!

Well, housework and bookwork and wet head be DANGED!  I'm headed out to help my girls put their snowmen together!  Sometimes Mommy just has to do what Mommies are supposed to do!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The One Nice Thing about Not Having Snow on Christmas Is......

....the girls were able to put Santa's gifts on the road ASAP!

First, a little test driving in the garage under Daddy's supervision.  They are 20 inch bikes, and that's a bit of a stretch for Bear.  I'm sure it won't be for long though!

Now they are ready for the barn lot test.

Bear needed Daddy's steady hand to get her going at first....

But Tink took right off.  Those extra two years of leg growth helped her out a bunch!

Bear just about has it and her confidence!

Looks like Daddy's going to be caught in the farmer girls' version of the Indy 500!

The race is ON!

And everyone was a winner this Christmas.  What a crazy wonderful last few days we have had.  Now it's time to regroup and get ready to put 2011 to bed.  Hope your Christmas was merry and bright, and you were able to spend time with most if not all the people you love.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

To celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, I am sharing pictures from our Christmas Eve Children's Mass.  We were the proud parents of Mary and a choir angel!  The kids did a great job, and now the girls are all nestled, all snug in their bed, and Tall Guy is hoping I'll be heading that way... dang!  Can't think of a rhyming word for bed at this lovely hour!  12:10 a.m. 12/25/11~!  Merry Christmas everyone!

And to all a good night...... a Holy, Silent Night!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Week in Review: The Good, the Great, and the Cautionary

Whew!  We survived!  Three Christmases this past weekend.  DANG!  Well, I'm not exactly sure how well I survived because I'm not getting on the scales for two more days, but I did try to just "sample" most of the great food on each table.

Want some GREAT NEWS?  My dear friend Leontine is STABLE after her two rounds of battle with her caner-fighting treatment!  That is an incredibly wonderful bit of news to hear.  Please continue to keep her in your heart and prayers; I don't think this fight is over, but she is holding her ground and staying strong!

Now, here is a cautionary tale to tell.  Saturday afternoon one of Tall Guy's cousins was waiting in the parking lot to enter the church hall to set up for the BIG family Christmas.  While waiting on her mom to bring the keys, her four-year-old little boy wanted to show his mommy a cool picture so he hopped out of his car seat and raced up to the front of the van to show it to her.  He didn't see the crock pot of soup on the floor and unfortunately stepped right into it.  Yep, it  was very hot.  Yep, his foot suffered burns.  EMTs treated it, then they decided to take him down to Lafayette for a better look, where it was decided to send him on to Riley's Children's Hospital and their Burn Unit.  Now he is in good spirits, and those people know how to make little ones has comfortable and happy as they can, but it's too soon to say how they will treat his burns.  This was such a freak accident, but I know that we all are hauling hot food here and there over the holidays to dinners, me included, and this is, unfortunately, a serious reminder to be careful and safe with those hot foods.

While all this Christmasing went on this weekend, I handed over my point and shoot to the girls to let them capture the moments.  I'll leave you with some of their gems.

 Some cuddle time with my great-nephew Baby M

Why is it when you see a picture of yourself, the reaction is usually, "Seriously?  That's what I look like?

Not sure who is giving whom pointers on napping in this one.

My dad, Great Grandpa, with the little guy.

Of course, Great Grandma had to have her time too.  Baby M also spent time with two of his Great Great Aunts and several third cousins.  He was the hit of this party, as all babies usually are!

Tink in her new outfit.

On to the next party and a new table of yummy things to eat.  Who knew mice could look so darned cute?

Usually cute Little Cuz has her Grrr going here.

Miss Bear is hamming it up for the camera.

These two cutie-pies are just a couple of days apart and had fun getting to know each other. 

Little mini-Grandpa is giving Daddy a lesson on napping (that's Tall Guy's little bro)

Tall Guy with his girls.

Did you know Barbie has a remake of A Christmas Carol?

Bear is sharing her DS with a new friend.

A great time was had by all.  Now I just hope everyone wakes up ready to go to school in about an hour.  We usually are done, but the girls go through Wednesday, and I hear Tippecanoe County schools are going through Friday.  News like that make me happy I am not teaching!  The next Christmas is here on Friday so I have a few days to regroup, wrap, and bake, and yeah, I will probably have to do a bit of cleaning here and there as well.  DANG!

Hope your weekend was a good one.  Keep all that hot food in a box with a lid on it if possible, and have a safe, fun, calm-when-you-can-manage-it week!  Only a few more shopping days left!