Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walking in to the Perfect Storm or Blizzard!

"Weeeeeeee doggies!" As Jed Clampet would say!

You should see the chatter on my Facebook home page.  For those of you not in my neck of the woods, something wicked this way comes!  The whole state of Indiana is in the red zone for this next storm; the southern 2/3 is slated for what some are saying will be a "crippling" ice storm, while us northerners are looking at a crazy amount of snow and wind.  I am seeing numbers like 14-24 inches with 40-45 mph. winds!  Uhm, folks, we are talking a whopper of a snow storm. 

Now, the last two storms forecasted have petered out (as we say up here), but every weather channel I check seems to be agreeing on this one.  We cannot afford to disregard such a warning.

So I have three gallons of milk in the fridge, two boxes of 18 eggs, three loaves of bread, and I am making a list of other necessities to pick up tomorrow. 

Thank goodness I have enough meat and veggies on hand to feed a small army for a month, but since we don't have the dairy cows out back, I am dependent on the grocery for my milk.

I'm thinking I should grab a box of powdered milk.  Mom always had that on hand through the three blizzards in the late '70s. 

Oh, and I should fill the bath tub with water.   (so we can flush the potty if the lights go out)

And get the kerosene lamps off the top shelf of the pantry and find their oil!  DANG!  I think I put it down in the dungeon, read root cellar part of our basement!  I HATE going down there, but that's a story for another time!

 Once you go through a storm like those, you just click in to survivor mode at the mention of a potential deja-vu!

Hey, We DO have a generator.... didn't have one of those in '77, '78, or '79.  This might be a good thing to have!  I need to go ask Tall Guy what all it does and doesn't do.  Kind of scary that I don't know!

Are you in the line of this storm?  What are you doing to prepare?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rocking and Rolling with the Youngsters

Look what I have been doing the last two Tuesday and Thursday afternoons! 

First, I have to set the record straight.  I WAS NOT ON SKATES!!!!

I didn't take any pictures the first week because there were too many hands to hold and kids to help back up.  The second graders (Tink's class) shared space with the first graders, and we had ALL levels of experience going 'round the circle.  Kind of like a very crazy roller derby movie!

 But as they spent more and more time upright, it all became easier.  Tink even gained some confidence and courage by day three!

 Now the kindergarten class had the gym to themselves, and that was fun.  The first time we had everyone up, they all kind of just stood there; some even rolled backwards!  NO ONE had any experience roller skating, but they had youth and little fear on their side, so soon they were picking up confidence and speed!

 This is the look on Tink's face as she sees then begins to say LIMBO STICKS!  There are no pictures of the kids doing the limbo because I am just not talented enough to manage my camera AND one end of the limbo stick while crazy kids skate right at or near me!
 Well DANG!  Look who joined us on the last day.  We really have his attention don't we?  ;-)
 Bear was moving very well by the last day.  I have to tell you, it just about killed me to watch her fall.  There just isn't much for either of our girls to fall on in the way of padding!  I cringed when anyone fell, but it really tugged at my heart when it was one of my own!

 Mrs. E even joined in the fun, much to the delight of Bear and the rest of the class.  We have such multi-talented teachers at our school!
Thanks to Mrs. G for giving the kids an opportunity to learn to skate.  Not many of them get that chance, and they loved every minute, at least every up-right minute!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Words of Weight Loss

I keep hearing that if you blog about your weight loss, you will be more successful.  Here's to hoping that is a truth rather than a myth!

I'm linking up to my pal Patrice's party.  Come join in the fun AND the loss!
1. What's your favorite vegetable?
The older I get, the more I like.  Still not in to lima beans or brussle sprouts! 

2. Is eating out a problem for you?
Not usually because we don't do it that much.  I can stay away from fries and eat a salad at McDonald's about 95% of the time!   

3. How often do you weight yourself?
I used to do it every day, now I am just trying it every other.
4. What's the hardest time of day for you regarding snacking?
Probably whenever I am stressed out!  3-4:00 is hard too.  That's when the girls come home wanting to nibble on something.
5. Please tell me something you will do this week to be nice to yourself.
Exercise!  I think that is the best way to be nice to myself.  I feel better, and I am making me better when I walk or go to Zumba class.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Company is Coming! Welcome to the Farm!

Hello!  I am so excited!  Today I am being featured on my friend Patrice's blog, Everyday Rurality!  Good thing it is a whole lot easier to get ready for visitors in the blog world than the real world!  The dust would be flying around here!

Speaking of here.... Here is a picture of our farm, or at least the home place.  Those are our cattle out back! 

 We are about 100 miles north of Indianapolis and 100 miles south of Chicago.  I am a HUGE Cubs fan!  As you probably gathered from my interview, we live out in the country, the most rural county in Indiana!

See?  I love it out here.  We live in the house my husband has spent his entire life in, and we are trying to finish up the first big remodel project: an attached garage and a sun room.

"We" includes myself, Tall Guy, Tink (8), and Bear(6), oh and Pumpkin (cat) and Sadie (dog).  Of course Pumpkin gets a picture all to herself; she is, after all, a cat!  Can you find her in the carpet? ;-)

Just a bit about me:  I am a Taurus, or at least I thought I was until the other week when someone decided to mess with the zodiac signs~ !  Seriously?!?!  Someone has way too much time on his/her hands!

Do not hold this next one against me, but I taught English for 18 years!  I do not grade comments, and I am sure if you tune in enough times, you will catch me in many goofs and gaffs.  I try my dangedest (sp? See???) to get it all right, but sometimes it's just crazy enough around here that I have to hit the PUBLISH button and pray most of it is right!

Why so crazy?  Because I am a 48 1/2 year old farm wife and mother of two girls, ages eight and six!  Yep! Pregnancy at 40 made me decide to retire from teaching to focus on trying to raise my own kids.  I so miss my "big kids," but I am happy to say I keep in contact with many of them through Facebook.

I also belong, not sure that is the right term, but I am part of a group called Real Farmwives of America.  You can click on the button at the top of my page and visit our Facebook page.  We are a group of moms, working gals, cooks, aspiring cleaners, photographers, storytellers, crafters, and we are all connected through agriculture.  It is our hope that anyone having questions about the farm, grain or livestock, will send questions our way so we can answer them.  We have some ladies in very prestigious Indiana agricultural organizations and businesses in this group in addition to those of us who work with our husbands on a daily basis. This husband/wife bonding makes for some pretty good stories.  Chick here for a sample!  Oh Dang!  Here is one more!

Take a look around, enjoy the scenery, ask me questions, and I look forward to meeting you too!  Sigh...., the girls are still up, and it is 8:25 p.m.  Tall Guy is at a windmill meeting, and I went to Zumba class tonight, so we are a bit behind schedule.  A big "Thank you" to Tall Guy's folks for watching the girls.  Time to herd this group of two upstairs and in to bed!  I hope I remember to go out and check the wood burner before I go to bed.  TG will be so proud of me!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quack! Hiccup! Quack! Hiccup!

We did it!  We ate duck!  WOOOOOO! 



hiccup! hee hee!

Can't say that I was too adventurous when it came to preparation; I followed Miss Leah's Recipe HERE.  It just looked too darned good to not try!  Thanks Leah for doing all the 'splainin' and photo takin' ! 

My duck breasts were located and purchased at the Marsh on the West Side for those local readers.  You can also purchase a whole duck, which I just may do because it was such a hit tonight.  The company, Maple Leaf, is set up right here in INDIANA.  They have a great website complete with recipe ideas.   LOVE that my family can support growers in our own state!

Tall Guy was, in his words, "Pleasantly surprised!"  Wish I had a picture of his face as the look of surprise and enjoyment moved across his face.  Tink loved it, Bear liked it as much as she likes to eat anything these days (UGH!), and I thought it was scrumptious! 

Here's the proof!



Friday, January 21, 2011

Waking with Pretty Cattle~ This One Is for You Jent!

This one is for my bloggy friend, Jent, who was lamenting that our Indiana cows are not as pretty as some other bloggers' cows (probably one Oklahoman in particular seen here), but that's ok.  All we need is a bit of fresh snow to hide a multitude of "stuff" our cows seem to carry around with them during our winter months. 

By the way, these pictures were taken from the warm view of my sun room looking out.  I really need to show your the whole finished project, but we have a huge hot tub in the middle of everything that needs to be dealt with, and then we need to furnish it.  That IS why I graciously gave up Christmas presents for myself right????

I'll work on that, but for now I will share with you my room with a view!

Yep, it's many degrees below zero out there, and I am taking these pics in my walking gear.  The temp inside the sun room is 78!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Aren't the cows pretty?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Words of Weight Loss

My good blog friend Patrice over at Everyday Rurality is hosting a cool party!  I need all the motivation I can get to jump back on the healthy road, and some public admission to the fact always helps.  I lost about 60 pounds over the last 16 months, but about 15 have found their way back home.  
Absolutely unacceptable, so I'm back on my mission.
 July 18, 2009

July 19, 2010

Last week!
See my new curls?
See a sneak peak at my new sun room?
See that I don't have my shoes on?
Tall Guy came in just AFTER I finished my 2 mile walk.

Want to join?  Misery loves company, and we can turn our frowns upside down together!  

Aren't I just a little ray of rah rah sunshine?  ;-)

Here is my first installment.  Come on and join in the fun to a healthier you!
This week's questions:
1. Are you trying to lose weight, stay the same, or just eat healthier?
I'm trying to lose 30-50 pounds.
2. Did you gain weight from Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?
Yes, Two Thanksgivings, four Christmases, and throw in two little girls' birthday parties and a baptism!  UGH!
3. What is more tempting to you sweet or salty snacks?
Both of course!  During the holidays, the baking really gets me, but I also love me some potato chips!
4. What are you doing for exercise?
ZUMBA! two-three times a week, and I have been on the treadmill at least once.  I also signed up for the Indianapolis mini marathon.  A good friend and I walked it last year, and we want to improve on our time this year.
5. Please tell me something you can do this week to be nice to yourself.
I can give myself some healthy alternatives to chips and candy, and maybe excuse the occasional trip to the freezer for "a few" semi-sweet chocolate chips??? 

Here is your button to join us!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bowling with the Young Farmers: Reality VS Wii

This Sunday Tall Guy and I got to pretend we were young and went bowling with IFB District 3 Young Farmers.  We might be WAY above the 35 yr. old age cut-off for competition, but we are still young enough to play, or at least our girls are! 

Let me just say, I am an awesome bowler on Wii!  I can keep up with any challenger, and most of the time I can finish first or second, BUT bowling with a real 12 lb. ball is a whole different story!  At least I didn't lose my ball and scare the BaHooZus out of the spectators behind me.  That has happened before. 

Photographer's note:  It is a bit difficult to take pictures of people's faces as they bowl.  I gave it my best shot! Here are some of the bowlers from our county:

 The Ransom family, and my bloggy buddy!
 The Bucks

 The Hartmans

 The girls, yeah, I have no clue what Little Bear is thinking???
 Can you see my score?  I am the L!  TWO strikes in a row!  I still came in last after the tenth frame!  Gotta celebrate when I can at the bowling alley!

 Tall Guy and Little Miss Ransom!

The kids had a blast, and I think we are going to try and bowl some more this winter.  Believe it or not, our little village has a bowling alley!  I think there are 5-6 lanes!  I've even been there once or twice.  Stay tuned for a trip to the little town!