Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: How cute are these faces?

For a "stoved up" (as my mom would describe someone with a bad back) old woman, I sure have been up to all kinds of things.  I don't know where to begin, so I think I will just show you the four newest additions to our Rid the Tool Shed of Rodents and Birds project.  The girls have named them, but don't ask me who is who.  Their names are CutiePie, Daisy (a boy if I am not mistaken), Lovey, and Ginger (and my kids have NEVER seen Gilligan's Island to my best recollection). How crazy is that?

This is totally going to blow Tall Guy's Tough Guy image right out of the water!!

Ok, Now you have had your daily dose of cuteness!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ah My Little Green Bucket!

Don't you just love getting packages in the mail?

It's like a bit of Christmas in the middle of June!  That's just the way I felt when I found a box with this adorable bucket inside from Red Hill General Store.  It came the same day as my favorite bottle of Oliver wine, and it was a match made in heaven!

I'm not usually one to over-think decorations, but  I like how this bucket brings color to a room, and I see many more functions for it such as holding plastic ware at a summer gathering or being the center piece with some of my new hydrangeas placed inside.  The girls may have a new place to hang their headbands and put their other hair do-das (that's what we call them around here).  Anything that helps keep Tink and Bear organized is a cherished friend in my book!

Here's the fun part!  You can have a bit of Christmas in July delivered to your door too!  The Real Farmwives of America & Friends are having a give-a-way on their website, and one lucky reader will win a Galvanized Embossed Tub from Red Hieneral Store,  Check out all the different buckets we received and see how buckets are not just an outdoor tool around our farms.

Have a great Monday!

While Red Hill General Store did provide me with a bucket to blog about for this post the pictures, ideas and opinions shared here are my own.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

RFOA Joint Post: Dirty Jobs: Big Landscape Reveal!

Today my pals at Real Farmwives of America & Friends are doing a join post on Dirty Jobs.  

Well, I didn't get to help as much or get as dirty as I had planned, but we have Phase 1 of our landscaping done!  WOOOOO!  Big thanks to Brock and Heidi for all their hard work.  I am more than happy to share contact information with anyone wishing it!

This might be picture heavy, so get ready to roll the cursor!

First, the ingredients.... Oh this isn't my Gooseberry Patch post is it?  DANG!

Ok, field rock.  One of the culprits that aided in my back going out.

Plants bought while I waited on results from my back going out.

Don't you just love hydrangeas?   I'm sure you green thumbs out there know that the color of this blossom can change from pink to blue by changing the alkalinity of the soil!  How cool is that?  

This is a lady red berry bush.  This is not her real name, but she is a lady because she has berries.  Can you see the picture hiddenin the branches?  She, two of her best girlfriends, and one boy friend will grace the front of our house.  The berries don't get red unless the boyfriend hangs around.   Must be some serious blushing going on!

Some smaller plants like bleeding heart, columbines,  coral bells, salvia, cone flowers, phlox, and a couple others whose names escape me.

 Every good job needs a diligent supervisor, and Sadie was up for the job!

See?  Heidi is feeling the stare!

Ok ready?  First you take an old hose and outline the shape of your new flower bed. 

 Outlined. Brock used that lovely blue-wheeled edger to make fast work out of the edging part!  AWESOME MACHINE!

Add mulch, HOWEVER... to avoid anxiety about losing your dearly paid for mulch, check for impending high winds before laying it!  We didn't lose any from the storm with winds at 40+ mph that passed through, but I though sure I would be picking mulch out of the wheat and bean fields and off the semis the next morning!  Sheesh!

 Add BIG rock!  Yep, we have several of those around here!

Add flowers, and.....

Ta Da!  The front yard has a new flowerbed!

Here are a few extra cute things we did with edging, mulch, and a few flowers:

Now, for some reason I never took a true before picture of the front of our house, but here is the before side and the after:

Next up, the messy edge of the old garage:


Underneath most of our landscaping we put this heavy cloth to keep the weeds at bay as much as possible.  To plant on top of it, Brock and Heidi pushed the mulch aside, and cut an X in the cloth so they could dig the hole and put the plant in the ground.  We added some extra good dirt in areas where we had some clay and rocks.  Fold the flaps back around the plant and cover with mulch.

Use a tractor and chains whenever possible to move heavy rocks!

The last flower garden!


 Whew!  It was almost as much work putting this post together as it was pointing to all the places I wanted things. ;-)

I am not finished with these beds, and we still have the south and west sides of the house to do, but I think for now we will call this Phase 1 done!  Thanks for all the ideas everyone sent me.  I still have them and have plans to use some of your suggestions on Phase 2.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to see what other dirty jobs my bloggy pals are talking about on RFOA!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Braces-less, Toothless, Wordless Wednseday

Time to find something to smile about around these parts!  NOT been the best of weeks, but i am hoping it all turns the corner and heads to the sunny side of life.  Meanwhile, we have had major events with Tink and Bear! Tink had her braces taken off yesterday!  Se immediately chewed 3-4 pieces of gum, and she had popcorn has her snack last night!

Not to be outdone, Miss Bear lost BOTH her top front teeth over the weekend.  She now has some extra money in her piggy bank!  Eating sweet corn this summer may be a bit of a challenge for her!

 Then we are finally getting into our swim lessons after just one last week, thanks to weather and weather-related pool issues. 

Waiting for our dynamic landscaping due to arrive so we can start on day two.  I'm happy to say that after buying about 12 cubic yards of  mulch yesterday and putting it all around, most of it stayed where we placed it despite some very powerful winds last night.  I'm working on that post AND trying to get started on my Gooseberry Patch recipes.  Praying that life settles down here a bit and hits a calm stretch!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rest and Take It Easy!

These are worlds we would all ideally love to hear, but when you are actually told to go home and do this, it is a whole Pandora's Box!  What sounds wonderful is, in reality, a very not so heavenly experience.

In an effort to move limestone and field rocks, haul chemicals to Tall Guy in a truck I need a running jump to get into, tear down MANY seed boxes (think 5 foot by 5 foot heavy duty crates), mow, and a few other crazy things like plant my garden, hoe by hand parts of the sweet corn patch, and take care of the house, I have managed to severely irritate a lower disc in my back. 

Me: "Uhm.... so.... did I like pinch a nerve?"

Doctor: "No I would call this a swollen disc, a bulging disc"

ALARM BELLS!  ALARM BELLS!  This just the way Tall Guy started on his road to three back surgeries.

(Insert whatever colorful appropriate expletive word you would use if you were in this situation!)

I SO DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS!    The doctor said, "Go home, rest your back, take it easy.  No lifting, sweeping, mowing, or bending."  SERIOUSLY????? 

So this is why I have not been too communicative the past week.  I so want to get started on my cookbook project, and tell you about an adorable find in my mailbox, and show you the plants I bought to start the flower gardens, but I can't sit for very long.  This all happened Monday night, and just today I have had a relatively pain free day, just some spasms.  This being still "stuff " is NOT fun.  I feel like a schmuck not being able to unload the drier or the dishwasher!  I did manage to sit for a while at a family garage sale and go to my niece's birthday party where she revealed the news that I am going to have a new nephew in Novemeber.  WOO!  (I said from my chair.) 

Hang in there with me!  I am supposed to walk a lot, so I will try to snap some pictures of the landscaping project that starts Monday, and put up pics of the girls taking swim lessons and attending VBS last week.   I just need to find a comfortable position from which to type on my laptop.

Who knew such a little pain in the neck could turn into a HUGE PAIN IN THE REAR?!?!?!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE GREAT DADS OUT THERE.   I spent the afternoon with mine, and I get to see him again tomorrow.  I am so grateful for all he has brought to my life.  I hope and pray we still have many years to continue to learn from each other.  I hope you get to hug your daddy today.  They are the best presents a Daddy could ever want.

Monday, June 13, 2011

911!!!!!!! I Need Your Help with My Flower Gardens ASAP!

Here are the spaces that I'm trying to spruce up.  The goal is to have them looking bright and colorful by Jun 28.  Yeah I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute, but they have been low on the priority pole until just recently.

I LOVE perennials.

Spot number one!
This area is in my front yard, and the shot was taken looking west.  What you cannot see is an area of daisies, iris, and a lilac tree behind me.  I want to join these to places together, AND I have about a 6000 pound rock to go in there somewhere.  The weeds are all dead now, and that is a tulip tree in the background.

I also want to do something with the two gate posts out by the road.  I cannot mow between them, and was thinking about maybe a clematis? and maybe some more daisies or something?

Spot number two:

Now, this is an existing flower bed, but it's an old one.  There is one columbine (blooming), two Siberian iris in the middle, two large baby's breath, on on each side, and then a very old Russian sage bush that partially blooms.

The last area, for now, is this one:
Out swing-set is right next to it, and there are lilies coming up on the right side of the pic as you are looking at it.

OK, Send me your thoughts and even starts of plants :-)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Catch Up

Good morning!

Well I am taking a page out of my own sermon today.  Did you see my post about chores on Indiana's Family of Farmers?  We were supposed to be heading out for a lunch with other District Farm Bureau friends at Prophetstown, a very cool place I am told, just north of Lafayette, near the Tippecanoe Battlefield, but........ we didn't get the rain we were supposed to get, so we are staying home so Tall Guy can spray his corn for weeds, and the girls and I can run the tanks to him where/whenever he needs them. 

I have to confess right here that, while I was a bit compulsive about checking the radar before this spring, I am now a full-fledged OCD weather radar girl!  ACK!

We WILL get out to Prophetstown.  We both were looking forward to seeing this historic park that focuses on farming and living 100 years ago for the first time.  Put it on our "TO DO" list for the summer.

Finished up Vacation Bible School yesterday, and the heat (no AC where I was) and about 80 munchkins under ages 3-12 wore me out!  I was a comatose zombie when we finally walked through the door yesterday afternoon, BUT it was soooo much fun working with those little cutie patooties!  I was the song and dance lady to start and end their day.  We learned songs with sign language and motions and jumping and shouting.  WOOO!  We closed the last day with our Big Finale.  364 days until the next VBS week of fun!  I am working on a post filled with this cuteness for next week.

Girls start swim lessons on Monday.  I hope they learn quickly.  They are great water bugs ( I LOVE our pictures from Florida this past spring!), but I want to be absolutely sure, or as sure as a momma can be, that they can be in the water and be safe.  That means swimming without  struggling.

My nephew, the Army Ranger, is coming home at the end of the month from Afghanistan, and we have been scratching our heads trying to figure out how to get his vehicle back to Fort Campbell for him to have.  I think we finally figured out all the logistics, but I am certain that Army schedules and farming do NOT blend well together.  See blog about chores and scheduling.  Ft. Campbell is about a six hour drive straight south for us, and a fairly nice drive.  We go back down July 6 to see him awarded his own group (unit?).  I'm sure I will have a blog post for you after that important date.

My garden is naked.  Yep!  It's kind of like the plumber's house or the carpenter's house that never has projects finished..... I am thinking since some farmers are still planting, maybe I can grab some seeds and plants this weekend and pull something of a vegetable garden together.  Stay tuned.

Gotta go round up the girls.  They went out to do their chores by feeding Goldie and Mr. Doo-hickey.  We need to run into town real quick-like and register for fall soccer, grab some great MILK and donuts, and be back here to help Daddy get his work done.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the cooler weather that seems to be on its way!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm Guest Posting over at Indiana's Family of Farmers!

Have you ever wondered why some of your farmer friends cannot give you a straight answer about RSVPs or even a simple dinner date?  Come on over to Indiana's Family of Farmers today and check out my post about chores on the farm.  They are 24/7 at least twice a day if you have livestock, and they, along with the regular business of farming, can make a farmer's social life unpredictable at best!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Water Park Country Style~

We have been soooooo busy this week with Vacation Bible School for all three of us girls, volleyball camp for Tink, and trying to keep up with life in general.

Here's a cute group of pics showing how country girls can make their own fun.  I put the sprinkler in the middle of the yard, but Tink and Bear had other, better ideas.  They even had a real water slide, but I missed those pics.

Hope it cools off for all of us soon!  We need a break from the heat; although you really can almost hear the corn growing out in the fields!

And I can't leave out my four-legged girl!

"MOM!  You said you were going to walk with me this week!"

"I know, Sadie, but I just can't get out of bed at 5:30.  Hang in there. We will hit it Saturday morning, bright and early (which is 6:30-7:00-ish to my thinking)."
Have a great day out there!

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