Saturday, February 25, 2012

LIve Like You Were Dying

Do you know this song?   It's one of my favorite songs.  I hope you have the time to listen to it.  The message is a powerful one that we all need to listen to and REALLY hear.

You know each one of us only has today to put in our pockets and bank on.  Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow, while so promising and full of what ifs, is never a certainty.  We just have today.

My friend Kim, one of the first friends I made after Steve and I were married and I moved up here, found out she has breast cancer.  She is a nurse, so she is approaching this challenged with a lot of knowledge and a great bank of resources.  It was caught early, and things look very promising, but it's still knocked the wind out of our sails, and we are all pulling together and dusting ourselves off to get ready for the big fight.  Part of her own therapy and, I think, the nurse in her, wanted to start a blog to share this experience with others.  Kim feels that if she can help just one person go out and get that mammogram, or screening, or MRI, then sharing her story is worth it.  If you want to follow along with her and encourage her, Journeys is the name of her blog. If you have a moment, show her some love! You guys are so good at doing that!

My friend Tammy is on the good side of her fight.  Finished with chemo and radiation, her hair is growing back and prognosis is good.

Leontine also fighting her fight.  She has had steps backwards and forwards, and I know she still needs our thoughts and prayers.

Sometimes it is hard to be the recipient of so much prayer.  It might put pressure on that person to beat whatever illness or situation everyone is praying for him her to beat, but I hope all who receive prayers understand that we who are praying are asking the Lord be with you and your family to strengthen and guide you.  To comfort you, to heal you if that is His way, and to always be with you through your journey.  There is no win/loss in His eyes.  We never want to lose a friend on this earth, but that is the inevitable end to all our journeys, at least the one we lead here on earth.   All we truly have is today, whether we are the healthiest person on this earth or the weakest.

I guess this is what I am coming to realize as I get closer to that danged 50th birthday.  I know you all keep telling me it's just a number, but let's talk about a few numbers.  I will be 59 when Tink graduates from high school and 61 when Bear graduates (provided we all survive puberty!).  Then we add 4-5 years for college if that is their choice, and a couple more to get out and be on their own, and THEN, IF they have found the right guy, they might settle down, marry, and start a family.  MAYBE.  My crystal ball is a bit foggy on all this.  Of course their mother didn't marry until she was 39...... that would make me 79 when Tink marries and 81 when Bear marries.....

So I try not to think about numbers and tomorrows too much because I truly don't know what will happen.  I just have to live every day being the best and healthiest mom I can be.  Take care of Tall Guy, try to keep peace in the house, the cows in the right places, the girls on the bus, the bills paid, and the rest is gravy.

BUT..... I am trying to live more in the moment.  Watching our girls play, trying not to micro manage every moment, taking them places when we can to see what we can see together NOW, and trying to make each moment a good one.  They are not all great memorable moments, but if we live each day like it was our last, maybe at least at the end, we will have asked forgiveness from those we have wronged, spoken a kinder word instead of the harsh ones we wanted to say, and watched Nature play before us.

Every day is a gift.  Please be thankful for it, give thanks for it, and let someone know you are thankful he/she was a part of your day.  Pay it forward.


Friday, February 24, 2012

What I've Been Doing....

Well,  I've been watching this.  They ended their season 4-1 and played better as both a team and individuals every time they took the floor.  Can't ask for much more from three fourth graders and six third graders!  

Reading that:  It's actually a bit out of my usual content read, but I liked it.  I had Lucy Lawless in my head the whole time playing the girl.  You remember Zeena, Warrior Princess right?  FREE  Kindle book!

Feeding these:  They are going through a lot of food!

 Working with these great kids to teach the younger ones about agriculture in our area:

Pst!  That's Ms. Joni from IFB in the brown sweater!  Thanks for heading up our way to join in the fun!

 Enjoying these mornings:

Helping Bear adjust to these:

 Helping Tall Guy with his Ginger fix.  See this post if you need an explanation:  Who To Take to Hawaii?  Mary Ann or Ginger?

Traveling here with ladies from my county to chat with our legislators about ag issues.

Trying to learn how to style this:  Love the new hair though.  Those curls were starting to make me feel old for some reason. Tall Guy took care of all his girls on Valentine's Day :-)

And a few other things that I am going to be late for if I don't get going!  More later!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday's Post Almost Became Today's Reality!

First, If you missed yesterday's post/video, please go watch it.  It is a great message that we ladies need to slow down and listen to our bodies so that we do not miss the signs of a heart attack.

Ok, now to the post.....

ACK!  If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that I was looking forward to a peaceful day today with the house all to myself.  Yeah, laundry needed to be done... oh Dang!  Hang on!

Ok,  I'm back.  I realized all was quiet out in the laundry room, so I had to go switch everything around.....

So I'm kicking back, enjoying the quiet and thinking it was time to get on the treadmill for a walk when the phone rang.  I checked the caller ID before I answered, and it said




What proceeded was a request to come out to the house to do an interview for the news because I sent an all-points-bulletin out to every contact on my social media, yes including the TV station because we are Facebook buddies, about Indiana HB 1112.

What is that you ask?

Here is what my dear friend Amy, from The Fourth Frog Blog, sent me because she knew I would be all over it like sausage gravy on biscuits!

During this legislative session, the telephone companies have been successful in rushing through a bill that would allow them to pull service from areas that are not profitable to them without leaving any assured viable alternative for consumers. Use your phone now to call Governor Daniels toll-free at 1-800-994-7452 and ask him to veto House Bill 1112!

Right now, if a telephone company wants to stop service in an area, they must make their case before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission that another carrier remains and can provide adequate and reliable service. This process also gives customers a say. HB 1112 would entirely eliminate that “provider of last resort” obligation as well as the public process. As such, areas could be left with spotty and unreliable service, or none at all.

HB 1112 poses a real threat to the safety and security of many Hoosiers. By removing current protections, how can we be ensured that service won’t be affected, particularly in rural areas where cell phone service is spotty at best, and where cable service is non-existent? What about folks who connect their emergency-response systems to a landline phone? Or, how about seniors on fixed incomes who can’t afford cell phones?

The current process strikes a fair balance between the business needs of telephone companies and their customers. It isn’t broken, and doesn’t need fixing

She was right!  We barely have good cell service, and in a lot of places in our county we don't have any.  I called Indiana Farm Bureau and talked to one of our government guys.  He said he argued against this bill to a mostly deaf audience.  There MAY be Federal laws that would still ensure land-line coverage for rural areas if a company pulls out, but no one could guarantee this.

OK, back to the phone call.  It came at 10:30, and the reported wanted to come out here for an interview at noon.  I thought since I had talked the talk, I had better walk the walk, so I said, "Sure, come on out."

ACK!  Here is where the heart attack symptoms started into play.  I hung up, made a panicked call to Tall Guy to tell him what I had done, then started my best imitation of a Tasmanian devil to pick up the piles of laundry, pick up "stuff" around the house, reset the sun room (another long story), and then scramble up to get a shower and try to get my new hair-do to do what it did for my hairdresser on Tuesday.  (Can I get an AMEN for that?  It did "do" pretty well).  I just hope I burned off the calories I hoped to burn on the treadmill!

When I came back downstairs to continue the cleaning and picking up, the phone rang.  It was the reporter regretfully telling me they were not going to be able to come out because Senator Hershman had not yet gotten back with them about his bill, he is the author of HB 1112, and they wanted to chat with him first.

ACK!  Heart attack symptoms are at a peak then start to fade a tiny bit.

So now she has my contact information, and I guess we just wait and see.  I did leave her with a parting quote.  We may be the 88th county in Indiana in population, but we are 3rd in soybean production in the upper top ten in corn and hog production.  We also have two large dairies.  We are doing MILLIONS of dollars in business up here, not sitting around the general store playing checkers and tiddly winks (ok, I didn't say that very last part, but I will!).  We need the best communication available to us to market our products and connect with our service stores.  With cell phone coverage totally questionable in this county, we MUST be guaranteed land-line coverage.

If you are living in Indiana, please call Governor Daniels at  1-800-994-7452, and tell him to VETO this bill.

I'm now going to go rest a bit and try to find my inner peace.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Go Red For Women ™ presents: 'Just a Little Heart Attack'

This might be just a bit exaggerated, but you know..... some days it's spot on right. We ladies who are out there doing more than one thing at a time MUST stop and listen to our own bodies. If we don't, no one will, and even if it seems like they don't realize it, our husbands, children, family members, and friends and co-workers need us in their lives healthy and happy.

Take care of YOU today!

Thanks to Amy at The Fourth Frog Blog for posting this on Facebook!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Finally Paying Off~Linking to AlarmClock Wars' Remodel Monday

Winter has finally decided to make an appearance, and now we can start to appreciate the work we had done to the house this fall.

Our farm house is about 100 years old, and the insulation used back then was/is, well, not quite as durable and insulating as what we decided to use a century later.


This is the west side of our home and an up close view or how the foam covers and insulates everything!  The only caution I can tell you to about using foam is that you should have all your electrical wiring done before you foam.  It's just about impossible to run wires through it once it is set.

We also did the north side,  the first floor anyway.  As you can tell from the picture above, the roof to our front porch slants at a pretty good angle.  The upstairs window to your left is the girls' room, and the slanty part of the roof is where their closet is.  Makes for an interesting storage space.  Our room is on the left side, and we have the same situation: mirror rooms.  Tall Guy can walk in the closet with just a bit of a bend of his neck, but he doesn't venture to the back too often with it's short 3 1/2 back wall!

Here is what we found on the north side:

NO WONDER we have had such a terrible draft coming in from our pocket door!  There was this huge open space, totally uninsulated HOLE between the roof, upstairs walls, and our dining room~!

It ran the length of the house on the north side!

There used to be lovely BIG windows , but they were replaced with smaller ones in a effort to insulate from the north wind (I guess).

After stripping everything down to the lath, we also foamed this side and then resided the whole bottom north and west sides of the house.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I wanted to change the color of our siding, but I was over-ruled.  DRAT!  White is so hard to keep clean in the country, and it really shows fly "spots" in the warm months.  One of these days.........

So now we are enjoying a much less drafty home.  I'm not saying it's 100% air tight, but you really should not have an air tight house.  It needs to breathe and let fresh air in.  Believe me, with the cast of characters around here, much fresh air is let in every day.

Go to Maybeth's blog, , and check out her Monday posts.  She and her husband are remodeling their entire house!

Yeah Marybeth!  I finally created a post so I could share in your fun!  We have at least one more project to do on the house.  In the next couple of years, we will be building a master bedroom on the east side so that the girls can each have her own room.  Ok... and also so I will not have to keep climbing those #$$%$^*((*&!! stairs the rest of my life.  Farm house stairs are a real treat!  Short and steep!  I'm glad to know that I won't have to be hauling myself up and down those many times a day in my 60's and 70's.  Yes, it's good exercise, but carrying laundry baskets up and down can be a bit hazardous to one's health. 

OH!  I forgot!~  I may actually have another project to share with you.....stay tuned.