Wednesday, March 28, 2012

They Call Her Winter.....

NO, that's not how the song went...... It was "They call him Flipper!" and he was one of my best buds growing up.  We NEVER  missed a show, and he was so smart and cute.

I'm just tickled that the girls now have a dolphin friend to grow up with, AND they were able to meet her while we vacationed on Florida's West Coast last week.

(Make sure you scroll through ALL the way to the last picture!  It's so worth it!)

I tried to give the girls hints about their big surprise by loading up the van with dolphin books, and a DS game about marine life and dolphins, but it didn't quite hit until we put them in the van Monday, and they finally asked the age-old question,

"Where are we going?"

"Clearwater Marine Aquarium"

"HEY!  Isn't that where Winter is?"


Cue raucous noise coming from the back of the van as they FINALLY put books, games, and stuff together to get all the clues.  Silly girls!

DANG!  No Kris Kristofferson or Harry Connick Jr. in sight!   Now if you are my age, probably one of the first R-rated movies you ever saw without your parents was A Star Is Born with Kris and Miss Barbra.  If you did, then you know why this man will always have a special place in my heart!  WOW!  I can sing every song on the movie track....but I digress....

No Rufus in sight either!  Whew!

It took me a couple looks, but check out the tail on this sculptured dolphin!  How neat is that?

One of Winter's friends.

A sea turtle coming up for air and a visit.

 Yeah Me!  A good dolphin picture!  I NEVER take good ones!

OOOH!  Another one!  Not meaning to sound cocky, but you would not believe how many pics I have taken of these critters only to get part of a nose or tail or just a splash!

There is our star, a bit camera shy.

I believe a nice lady who worked at the aquarium told us this was Tail # 17.  Poor Bear was having "a moment," but good ol' mom put her in the picture anyway.

Getting better.

Otters are really cute......from a distance!  MAN do they stink!  They have to be first cousins to the skunks!

This is a sting ray......more about them in a later blog!

Oooh  Ahhh

Lurking just beneath the surface......a Jaws moment!

And now back to our star.....

This little dude almost came home with me.  I just couldn't bring myself to tell Tall Guy I wanted him.  He about had a fit when he realized he was NOT leaving the aquarium without the girls adding to their very extensive stuffed animal collection.   Silly man!

And now for the real live dolphins out in the wild, just off the beach from where we stayed.  They had quite the feeding frenzy with schools of fish in the morning and at night.

This first kind of picture always scares me because I just never quite know what is under those fins: dolphins or sharks.


 Pretty neat!

Are you ready for my pride and joy?

I did save the best for last!

A momma and her baby!  I can't begin to describe the happy dance I did when I zoomed in and saw this picture! 

Here's the original to show you what I mean and the benefits of editing your pictures:

I know!  Editing is a huge pay off some days!

Next post:  Sting rays or Manta rays?  Can you tell the difference while you are in the water with them?

Time to go mow some more pasture, I mean barn lot!  GEEZ this stuff is growing fast!

Have a great day!

Wordless Wednesday: Out~Takes from the Carhartt Shoot

I think it was W. C. Fields who said it was "not a good idea" to work with children and/or animals, and he might have been right.  I was sensing a lot of attitude as I shot Tall Guy's pics for his Carhartt post, and for once it wasn't coming so much from him!

Take a look:

Sadie was quickly bored with Tall Guy's truck poses......

" R U Dun Yet?"

 YEAH!  US time!  Finally!

Uh Oh!  TG had better have his rear deflector shields up!  I speak from experience!  That's why I said Jerry is my boyfriend.  After changing his water and feed one morning, I determined we officially were going steady!

Sadie loves her some milk replacer!

Remember the phrase "Suck Face" from On Golden Pond?

Yes, I am dating myself in a serious way, but get back to the question....

This has to be where it originated!

 Awwww.. Aren't they cute?!?!?!

While we were out with the big ones, I had a sneaking suspicion I was not alone.  Cows have no respect for personal space and are curious beasts by nature.  This one was especially interested with the bottom of my boot!

" How Now Brown Cow?

(It really is brown, but the sunrise cast a nice red to its coat)

Won't you PLEASE get out of my way?"

Shhhhhhh......Be vewy quiet!  .........

I'm hunting my shadow!"

We get a bit loopy out on the farm waiting for planting season to roll around.  Good thing it's right around the corner.  Our official date is around April 5....the date when insurance will pay for crops damaged by an early freeze.  The official last frost date in these parts in April 12.  On behalf of my lilacs and apple tree about to open up and bloom, I hope we are past that date!

Have a great day!

P.S.  I'm carrying my animal theme over to my vacay pictures!  I FINALLY shot an AWESOME dolphin picture in the wild, and it was a TWO-FER!  I also got some great ones of a certain dolphin made famous in a movie that came out this "winter."  Winter is a hint!   Keep on coming back.  I will post in it in a day or two unless Tall Guy decides I need to learn how to work ground.  Last week I was bending over picking up shells; today I was scooping corn in a grain bin.  BAD TRADE!  ;-)  I'm sure the next task is picking up field rocks!  VACAY OVER!  but it was a great one!  Stay tuned!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Carhartts~ A Jacket for all Seasons!

I'm wondering if I should start consulting with the Carhartt company instead of The Farmers' Almanac for my weather predictions from now on because when Real Farmwives of America & Friends were asked by Carhartt to go shopping for our hubbies at their store, they had lighter weight clothing in mind.

Who knew?!?!

Tall Guy LOVES his J001 Men's Duck Detroit Jacket, blanket lined in Carhartt Brown. (there really is no other color in his book; brown IS his favorite color....SERIOUSLY!)  He likes his X-Large and Tall, and it was the perfect jacket to wear this late winter - early spring while he hauled corn and beans to Lafayette earlier this month.  It also comes in handy for our cool mornings when the calves get their first feeding.

Sadie is trying to "be the cow" in this picture so she can have some milk too.  These are our oldest daughter, Tink's, 4-H Dairy calves.  Jerry is above

Tom and his twin, Sadie, are here, above, and Miss Ladybug in planning an attack to the rear of Tall Guy below!  YIKES!

Jerry is my boy friend; he flirts with me all the time when TG is not around ;-)

Now we are headed out to feed the big boys and girls, otherwise known as the feeder steers and heifers.

Sadie gets a bit more attention as Tall Guy talks to the equipment and encourages it to kick in and on one more time.  Yep, it's old, but it works.  I'm starting to appreciate that more and more. 

Now there is one more thing to feed on the farm, and off they go to do it.

Our wood burning stove has had it rather easy this winter, but that's ok with us.

How did Tall Guy rate Carhartt's new jacket?  Well, he thinks it's comfortable, easy to wear, and not too warm or bulky.  He's used to the black-lined style for most warmthness, ( I think he just made up a new word!), but we really didn't have too much need for that much protection this winter, so the blanket lining suited him just fine!

OH~! These are his own words not Carhartt's.  Believe me, I've tried to get him to follow an idea of what to say before, and that never flies.  What's in his head is most certain to come out his mouth. and he truly likes his new coat!  He is also totally amazed that Carhartt sent him this coat free to try.  The only thing that arrives here free are farm magazines!

Thank you Carhartt!  We are true believers in your product.  I think all my hubby needs now is a regular hat with your logo on it to add to his collection ;-)

Want to have one just like Tall Guy's?  I'm not sure it will turn you into a 6'3" farmer extraordinaire, but you will be looking good and warm while you are outside working in this crazy, unseasonable weather.  Head on over now to the Real Farmwives of America & Friends page and sign up for a free coat!  Hope you win!  You never know how April and May are going to play out.  Good Luck!

P.S.  I had some pretty interesting "out-take" pictures from this shoot I will share with you soon!