Friday, January 25, 2013

Dear Jane Jetson, Where did you get your Morning Mask?

Ok I'm so dating myself because I remember this episode from its original air date.

I have had TWO experiences with chatting face to face on my computer with other people in the course of THREE days, and I am going to have to start taking better care of my appearance now that people can chat with me at the ding of my computer!

Wednesday night, three other bloggers and I got together on Google + and chatted while we blogged for an hour.  I was so glad to be invited to this gathering.  It was FUN!  Tonight, my computer just started jingling while Kendal was looking up information on a Saint....kind of put the Holy Spirit in her because she didn't know what she had done to make it jingle.  Miss Alice was calling me on Facebook's version of Skype!  I had to download the "stuff" so we could chat back and forth, but I did, and I "called" her right back.  How cool is that?!?!?!?!?!

Want to know why Miss Alice is my hero?  Well, there are several reasons, and I have just decided to dedicate a whole post or two to her, but in a nutshell, she is my mom's age, and she never quits learning!  I so LOVE that about her.  While most people, sigh...I have to say this....MY age and older tend to shy away from technology and its gadgets, Miss Alice let her older grandson hook her up so she could see and talk to her children and grandchildren who do not live close enough to see every day.  I pray she goes out to tell all her friends what she learned and encourages them to see Facebook, smart phones, tablets, and computers in a different light.

I'm off to order my "Morning Mask," and I might look for an afternoon and evening mask too, but I will end with what I told Miss Alice's grandson,

"Your grandma ROCKS!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Camera: WOW!

This is a camera........


I was all aglow when my Verizon box showed up on my door step with this cutie-patootie all nestled inside its protective wrapping.  We won't mentioned that Tall Guy cringed at the sight of my playing with a new camera!  He is still getting over sticker shock from my Nikon bought over two years ago.

This wonder, my dear readers, is a Samsung Galaxy camera with a 21X zoom ratio.  It takes AWESOME pictures, as you can tell from the samples below.  Here's the kicker:  Most of them were taken by our very own Little Bear!  Now if an eight-year-old can run this device this well, it speaks highly to ease of use and quality its make up.

Bear was playing with my Camera360 app on the Samsung, which gives you a hint about its other capabilities!

We were sitting in the 20th row in the upper level, and it zoomed this well!

Obviously, it can take cute baby pics!

and awesome group shots.

So what is so special about this camera?  Besides taking great shots that you can upload DIRECTLY to any social media site of your choice, it has all the capabilities of your smart phone EXCEPT you cannot call anyone on it because it is not a phone.

It's sort of like a mini-mini tablet!  AND it takes better pics than your smart phone or tablet.!  It has a manual setting for all you crazy peeps out there who like set up your own shot......

and it has "smart settings" just like my Nikon for taking specialty pictures a the click of a button.

 See?  Just select how you want to take your picture or even a video, and off you go.

Thanks so much to Verizon for allowing me and my family for playing with this wonderful product.  If you are in the market for a camera with direct uploading capabilities, I would highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy.  They do not pay me to try these products, nor do I get any discount if I want to purchase one, but it sure is fun to try out these newest, edgiest tech products as they come out!  

Stay tuned for my review on the FitBit.  Just as a preview, I can say I.Love.It!

Also, stay warm today.  We are just getting out of the deep freeze here with a possibility of snow on the way tomorrow night.

Friday, January 18, 2013

"Ten Ways to Love" from Leontien

This sure has been a rough week for me.  It is amazing how a person you know for just a small amount of time can make such a large impact on your heart, but Leontien did just that.  As Tall Guy and I sat at her funeral, through the tears I had to grin and giggle at the stories and smile along with experiencing pain in everyone's heart.

We said out final good-bye to Leontien on her 34th birthday, and today would have been her fifth wedding anniversary.  If you haven't read the story of her romance and THREE weddings with Bastiaan, click here.

Theirs is a great love story; they had actually been together almost 12 years, just like Tall Guy and I.  On this day, the 5th anniversary of their "first" wedding, I want to share with you a list from Leontien, entitled

1.  Listen without interrupting - Proverbs 18:13
2.  Speak without accusing - James 1:19
3.  Give without sparing - Proverbs 21:26
4.  Pray without ceasing - Colossian 1:9
5.  Answer without arguing - Proverbs 17:1
6.  Share without pretending - Ephesians 4:15
7.  Enjoy without complaint - Philippians 2:14
8.  Trust without wavering - I Corinthians 13:7
9.  Forgive without punishing - Colossians 3:13
10. Promise without forgetting - Proverbs 13:12

If you haven't discovered Leontien's Blog, Four Leaf Clover Tales, I hope you will take the time to get to know her and listen to the voice in her words. Start with her first entry on April 15, 2010, and read.  You don't want to miss all the lessons she has to share with you.  It's a beautiful story about life.

Finally, one of Leontien's favorite phrases she lived by:

"I can be changed by what happens to me.
  But I refuse to be reduced by it"
                                                                                                 ~Maya Angelou

Fear not my friend, your words, your inspiration, and the force of you lives on.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Keeping the Critters Warm in the Winter.

LOVED reading the post my Real Farmwives of America and Friends pal, Heather over at 3 Kids and a lot of Pigs, entitled "Maybe it's Cold Outside".  Pigs have it rather cushy compared to our moos when it gets cold outside, but we cattle farmers come out a bit better on the energy end if the electricity goes out.  Hog farmers run their generators about 24/7 to keep the temps up in the hog houses, while we just need to run ours when we feed.

The weather changes at the blink of an eye around here. We are at the mercy of crazy weather fronts.

Yesterday, Sadie and I went out for a lovely walk.  The thermometer said 60 in the shade and over 70 in the sun.  Today, it's dropping rapidly, and there is ice and snow on the ground!

How do our cows stay warm in the winter?  Well, first they help themselves by growing a winter coat.  My niece and nephews thought Jerry looked more like a YAK at Thanksgiving because he was sooo shaggy.

We also provide them with some shelters around the lot.

But all in all, cows are good with the great outdoors...... wish I could say the same for the machinery we use to feed them.  That's a whole cow of a different color!

In the middle of starting this post, the phone rang.  It was Grandpa wanting to remind Tall Guy to go out and run the shuttles and conveyors a couple times today.

"Why?" you ask?  Well, while it was a glorious 70+ in the sunshine here yesterday, it is now 31 with a steady  sleet/freezing rain falling.  That combo is a royal pain in our rump roasts because those conveyors that bring the silage out of the silos and shuttles that help spread it in the feed bunk could very easily freeze up and refuse to budge when it comes feeding time later this afternoon.  Been there, thawed that out before, and it's NO FUN!  (I'll save that story for another post).

A lot of preparing for winter comes during the growing days.  I forgot to label the green wiggle at the upper-left of this picture, but that is a water way, and we mow it plus several others all over our almost 2000 acres and bale it for food for the cows.  Guess that plus the pasture makes them a bit grass fed.  The wheat field is also baled after the grain is cut and harvested, and that is how we make straw.  It is also baled and stored for bedding in the winter to keep the cows warm and as dry a possible when they go into the shelters.

We also grind feed based on the corn and silage we grow!

We also try to make sure all the hay feeders are filled before the, er, uhm, crappy weather hits.

Our only other worry is to make sure all the waterers outside stay heated and working through the cold snap.

But, unlike Heather's pigs, our cows are fairly happy and content being outside during most of the winter days.

So, please do not worry much about our cattle in the winter time.  Most days they are happy campers out romping in the pasture and enjoying the sun's warmth.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Just A Little More Love for Leontein

By now, most of the blog world knows that, as one of my friends so eloquently said it, "one of our own got her angel wings."

What an angel Miss Leontein was and is.  My mom and dad sent me this Youtube link, and I am sharing it with you as an inspiration and memorial to Leontein because she was such a shining star whose light will now shine brighter with the glow of God and His heavens to light her way.

Rest in peace dear friend, you have lived an awesome and inspiring life.  Here's to seeing you one day on the other side of the rainbow.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Walking in the Morning Hoar Frost

Dang!  My shin still hurts, so I am out taking another leisurely walk with my camera.  I thought it had snowed, but Tall Guy said we had a hoar frost!


So up I popped, got dressed, clipped on my FitBit, grabbed the camera, scooped up some cat food (and one kitten who stealthily hopped  in when I opened the garage door), and off I went!  

** Editor's Note:  Because of my last post, I tried very hard to abstain from taking cute kitten pictures so you wouldn't become immune to cuteness.  They were all busy eating anyway!

Ok, Here is ONE kitten pic because he was left out of yesterday's gallery.  This is our little black kitty. Now no one get their knickers in a knot, but I call him Sambo because of a beloved childhood story.  

He is also the first barn kitten we, the girls and I, tamed.  Tall Guy says they aren't as much fun now that more are coming over to the petting side of life.  He's likes cats from a distance!

Did you know cows were curious creatures?  There really is a fence between me and this guy.

LOVE the frosty plants!

The shuttle we pray over every day, especially cold and/rainy ones, so that it always turns on, moves, and disperses the silage evenly and without breakdown.


 I think I am back to embracing the great outdoors!  It was sooo nice out there, even it the thermometer said it was a measly 15 degrees outside.  Bring it winter!  I'm ready for you!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Winter Walk Through the Barns

You know, once those lovely dairy steers gave up the bottle, I kind of stopped going outside.  Between shopping and wrapping and baking, there really wasn't much time in the last few weeks to venture out.  Yesterday was the perfect time to grab my camera and go take a walk.  I'm nursing sore shins, (say that out loud three times!), so this was a much leisurely pace.  I'm sub-titling this post Crtitters, or maybe Cows, Kittens, and a Lovable Puppy Dog.

First the Outside cows:  These are our newest group of feeders.  They arrived about mid November and filling out quite nicely.

They were all in a feisty mood yesterday with lots of head-butting going on.

"What you lookin' at Lady?"

 An now on to the dairy steers who have moved to new quarters in the tool shed.  

Tall Guy is 'splainin' to Jerry that he should NOT be knocking doors out of the wall.

Yeah, come to me and tell me all about it!

Trying to learn which way is the right way to go outside.

 Oh My GOSH!  Get ready for some absolute cuteness!
Meet Fluffy


And Angel with Susan (Bear is standing behind me identifying all the fluff balls!)

Fluffy and Susan

Uncle Columbus and Big Sister Larsa

 Lovey (Momma) and Angel

Starting to feel like the old cat lady, but everyone came out to enjoy the sun!

True barn cats, No name, Brownie, and Quiet Kitty



Tall Guy and Sadie have this love/tease relationship.
"I'm coming I'm coming"


I need to get out more!  Just a few bank accounts to close up and out for 2012, and then I can fully take on the new year!