Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Little Luck O' the Irish and Some Help from the Easter Bunny

Want to know a SUCESSFUL way to build community and raise money for a great cause?  I have two words for you:


Our little school has been doing this for years.  It always falls on the Friday before St. Patrick's Day, and it is a total blast!  So much so that some alumni have been known to show up at the walk in the afternoon after feeling mysteriously ill around noon at the high school!

Check it out:

 Here's the general idea:  The parents and community make, bake, and/or buy cakes, cookies, and breads to be up for grabs during each walk.  Cookies can be a penny walk like shown above......................................

and SPECIAL CAKES can be allocated for the BIG DOLLAR walks:

The upper grades, 4-6,  all have jobs to do from collecting money out on the floor to helping move cakes and keep the music going on stage.

Right after mass, the gym starts filling with kids and parents and grandparents.  The gym has shamrocks on the floor numbering 1-220 (I think we went that high??)  The music starts, and then it stops, and if the number called out is the number on the shamrock you are standing on, you win the baked good featured on that walk.

We have walks that cost 1-5-10-25-50 cents and the dollar walks for special cakes.  We also have class walks, alumni walks, and, at the end of the day, whoever has not won a cake walk.

It's a great time!

Our youngest cake walker!

HEY!  Three of my favorite people!

 This year our walk brought in almost $3800.00!  That's all in loose change and a few dollar bills!  Ok, some of our parents have been known to not ask for change back and given generously in the process, but that's still an awesome sum for one day of fun!  We actually set a record this year!  Give this idea a try at your school.  Yes, it was a day out of our regularly scheduled program, but the kids learned math skills, organization skills, and a zillion life skills on this special day!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hangin' with our FFA Kids

Believe it or not, I actually miss working with kids.  After teaching high school for 18 years, you think I might have had my fill of teenagers, but they truly are AWESOME people to work with.  That's what made my trek to Benton Central High School today to help judge essays at the District IV contest so special.  Not only did I get to be around teenagers, I was surrounded by our agriculture's future leaders, and I got to grade essays!

Really, I was in heaven, until I remembered why grading papers was not the best part of it all ;-)

No, seriously, it was great to be in a writing lab, watching kids think and compose their thoughts.  The only thing I think I would have done differently is allow them more time to write.  It's very hard for kids to research a topic for 30 minutes and then compose a two page essay persuading their reader to think a certain way in one hour.  Try it sometime!

With March being a big AG month in the state of Indiana and our nation, I hope that everyone lends a hand to these kids when asked.  As I looked around the library this morning, I saw so many local adults there, ready to share their expertise with judging.  We also had several judges walking around with Purdue shirts on, while others went incognito, but we recognized them anyway.  Thanks to everyone for giving up their Saturday morning and some afternoon time for a great group of kids.  Here is what our Benton Central FFA kids have been doing!

This last picture is of the Soil Judging teams.  We have one group moving on to NATIONALS at the end of April.  They will all go to Oklahoma to compete.  The group spoke recently at our Annual Soil and Water meeting, and those kids really know their dirt!  GOOD LUCK TO THEM!

I love it that our girls are active in sports and their church, but when the time comes, I am going to be a bit of a meddling mom and push FFA.

What do you think?

 My dad was a member, and so was Tall Guy.  That's where we found this jacket!

He actually wiggled in to the coat, but he insisted thought this would be a better picture. :-)

A bit of time has passed, ok, a couple of weeks since I started this post. SO typical of my crazy life!  Last night we celebrated Ag in Benton County and honored a brand new Farm Family of the Year, our good friends Jerry and Carrie Buck.  For reasons I cannot fathom, I went without a decent camera, so you will just have to wait for the official picture.  Yesterday afternoon, I also presented Indiana Farm Bureau's Planet Pizza program to Sacred Heart's Third Grade.  Those kids rocked all my questions about where pizza comes from.  Some of them have never had the pleasure of having a pizza delivered to their door!  How's that for rural Indiana?

Happy Ag Day,, Ag Week, and Ag Month!  Of course around here, every day is AG Day, but it's nice to share a special group of days with you all :-)

Now go out there and thank or even hug a farmer :-)