Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: MOTION!

Harvest 2013, or #harvest13 as we call it in Twitterworld, is officially ON at the Wallpe farm.  There is corn drying in the bin, and one bean field should be done by the end of the day.

I haven't made it in the combine yet because I've been busy running the girls EVERYWHERE!  Tink is playing both soccer and volleyball, and Bear is also playing soccer.  Add up all those practices, games, matches, and homework, and you can't hardly catch up with me after 3:00.  I could be out in the field in the morning hours, but the guys like to make the first cuts and get all the bugs worked out first. Here's a few pics to let you see some of the action from the sidelines.

Bear is on the sidelines with the son of one of my kids (former student)!  
Love it when my lives overlap!

Hope my farm peeps out there in tractors and farm equipment are keeping it safe out there.  Everyone on the road with my peeps please slow down and make sure there is enough room on the road.  Be kind; stay behind :-)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Trip to Chicago and the American Girl Doll Store

Heavens!  What is cute and crowded and pink all over?

Yep, it's the American Girl Place, home of all things related to American Girl Dolls, in the heart of Chicago.  That's where the girls and I were a couple of weekends back and the reason why we needed to make Daddy especially happy with us the night we returned.

YIKES! (You have to know this post is going to be very picture heavy!)

It was our first time to the store, and we were celebrating the 9th birthday of this wonderful young lady in the middle of our two girls-with-hats, so it was five country girls loose in the Big Windy City!

We arrived at the perfect time, 9:00 a.m. CST, right when it opens.  It was nice to be able to get at least a quick look around the store before the rest of the moms, grandmoms, and little girls arrived. (There were even a few exceptionally brave dads present!)  And Surprize!  There are TWO floors to this store!

Tink and Bear have their own dolls who are supposed to look like them and did until my girls decided to have their hair cut off, theirs NOT their dolls'.  Speaking of hair, the dolls just had to have their hair done in a special "do" for the event.  There were several different styles to choose from, but these little country girls all chose for their dolls to be princesses, complete with tiaras.

I knew it!  It DOES take three hands to do fancy hair braids and styles!

In honor of the birthday girl, we were treated to a AGD Birthday Luncheon, and WOW! It was very impressive and delicious!  Who knew the dolls get their own chairs at the table?  We started out with appetizers and then had yummy meals off the menu!  Have to admit, they do have "Big Girl" drinks on the menu, and since we had not officially shopped yet, I did order a Bimini that was very good!

Then, of course, we had to have birthday cake and ice cream.

Our idea was to scout out the store, from top to bottom, then go back and shop for real after our luncheon. There is just


Dolls, accessories, outfits, animals, and furniture just to name a few.

Can you guess what we came home with and what stayed in the store?  WOW!  You guys are good!  Yes, the cow came home but not the horse or the VW Bug.  It was cute but not that $$$ cute!

This item below also came home because Miss Bear chose massage therapy as her vocation about two and a half years ago, and she is still very adamant that she will see this dream through!  No arguments here, especially from my feet and toes!

The box above  and to the right was my gift to each of them.  I thought it was reasonably priced, and I loved all the drawers it held that will hopefully hold all or most of the little accessories we have strewn all over the upstairs!  The doll fits in the long space, so you can pretty much tie it up and go.

So now we are finished right?  Oh no!  Our friends needed to go here to find something for Little Brother who stayed behind with his daddy on this trip.

What a cool place with SOOOO many Lego items to choose from.  I never knew you could make so much with Legos!  Gotta love this little Maid a Milking.

So after this store, our story ends right?  Nope!  All that shopping worked up everyone's appetite, and I remembered driving by The Rainforest Cafe.  It wasn't too far from where we spent the night, so we walked on over for supper.

It was our first time there, and the girls loved the aquariums situated all over the two floors of this restaurant.

Whew!  Now we gave up and headed back to the hotel.  Since we had adjoining rooms; my friend and I stayed in her room for a while so that the girls could spread out all their loot and play.

Sunday morning we country girls headed back for home while most of the Windy City still slept.  They are an hour behind us, so it wasn't that early really.  What a great time we had, but now you know why I decided to appeal to Tall Guy's tummy with some of his favorite farm food when we came home ;-)

Friday, September 20, 2013

How I Make Tall Guy Happy: Food from the Farm

Guess what I do when I want to butter up Tall Guy......

NO!  Not that.....well...uhm....oh...uhm....

OK, I'm talking about appealing to his stomach, and just last weekend the girls and I wanted to make Daddy very happy with us. Stay tuned because the next post will tell you what we did.

The first step to this mission Happy Daddy/Husband had me heading to our freezers and pulling out goodies that we grow on the farm.  He LOVES it when I use home-grown/found foods

I'm kind of blessed because we have TWO freezers dedicated to holding our farm foods. One is for fruits like peaches, blueberries, applesauce, and apple pie filling, and veggies, like asparagus and CORN!

and one is for meat,which does include a shelf for chicken/pork and a shelf for seafood/fish; the rest is all HOME RAISED BEEF!.

Yeah, I need to defrost this last one!

After returning from this weekend girl trip, I ran out to the garage and started grabbing Tall Guy's favorite foods to whip up one of his favorite meals.  I went for the rhubarb, asparagus, and a BIG T-bone steak.

The rhubarb went toward a rhubarb pie,

the asparagus for a stove top fry,

and the steak (awww.... Go to this link to see Tink and Bear when they were little cuties) went out to the grill.

Fairly simple, and more importantly, it seemed to work.  He hardly flinched about the extent of our girls-only weekend in Chicago where we and another mom/daughter pair spent most of our time and money.....But that's a story for the next blog post!

I am participating in Indiana's Family of Farmers Table Talk Series and received a gift in exchange for my participation.  We are learning to take better food pictures for our blogs!  Here's to hoping I can figure it all out. It won't be for lack of trying or tools and tricks provided to me!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday....Lest We Forget

While visiting our great state capitol, Indianapolis, my family and I were able to walk around and enjoy the very center of this city.  We call it Monument Circle, and the monument's name is The Soldiers and Sailors Monument.  These pictures were taken by Bear, who was't even alive twelve years ago when the world stood still, at least our world.  Her pictures bring a sense of pride and purpose seen even through the eyes of a child.

Twelve years ago, the skies were empty of everything but clouds, just as our great grandparents and those who came before would have known it.  That unmarked sky stands very clearly in my memory of the events around 9/11.  Come the end of November, this monument is the base for Indiana's biggest Christmas tree, but at all times it stands for those who came before us and worked and fought to give us what we have today.