Thursday, February 27, 2014

In the Spirit of Making Lemonade Out of Lemons.......

I am sure if you live anywhere in the midwest, you are starting to hear rumors about yet another "Monster Snowstorm" headed this way early next week.........Sigh......

I swear it is my fault because every time I plan a trip to Indianapolis, it SNOWS!  I have a friend who hails from the great state of Georgia, and she has started referring to the white stuff as "s**w."  I can't say as I blame her, but after the Great Meltdown we experienced last week, I seriously would rather deal with snow that mud and floods!

It really doesn't matter; the Good Lord will let the clouds do what they do, and we just have to deal.  Sounds like Wallpe Mountains might be back in business soon.  They do look kind of fun, but look closely.  There is a thick sheet of ice under all that white stuff.

The critters had to come out to see what all the fuss was about.....

This might be one of my favorite pictures of Sadie.

So around here we make lemonade out of our lemons, but we steer clear of yellow snow!  ;-)

Oh! This pic gives you a peek at the new wing of the house from the back side. The newest addition is on the right side of the house.

Stay tuned for an inside tour soon......

Monday, February 24, 2014

Roll with It Baby.......

I just love this song!  Makes me want to get up and dance and stroll right along with the video!

Well today, Monday, has been a day.  My calendar is starting to freak me out with big events and due dates starting to loom, but I always seem to drop what I am doing when my phone rings in the morning!

"Hi Lana, Would you like to sub today in P.E.?"


I am the world's biggest sports fan, but world's greatest athlete?????/ Not so much.

I was supposed to teach them basketball skills, which is a total stroke of ironic luck because I think I know it all when I sit and watch a game, but walk the walk..... I'm thinking the Good Lord was ready for a great laugh.....except he granted me a grace period today.

The gym of our little private Catholic school serves many purposes in our community, and one of those purposes is to house dinners after a parishioner's funeral.  And that is what happened today.

And so my humility was spared, and I became the computer lab teacher for the day because the mighty powerhouse of a teacher I was subbing for does both these jobs plus supervises the library, AND has three little boys.  Sheesh! Is that all?

The computer lab is a Mac lab, and I haven't conversed with Macs/Apples in a long time, but we muddled through.

If you ever have some spare time on your hands, I strongly recommend that you sign up at your local school as a substitute teacher.  It is especially meaningful to do this job in the school your kids attend because you get to see how they interact with their friends, and you learn just how much teachers do in a very short amount of time.  Our largest class is 22, and the smallest class is 6 or 7....That small class can seem like many when they all get wound up at the same time.

Little ones are the best at rolling with the flow, and we big kids need to take a breath and just roll with it, dance through the crazy times in our life as they present themselves.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beef Weigh-In

Whew!  Today was the day!  Beef Weigh-in for all 4-H calves in our county and Newton County.  We share the same space when we have this little gathering.

First we had to load the moos up.  While we were waiting on Tall Guy, the girls played with some of the barn cats.

Yes, Columbus is a cat, really, and no he is not on any growth hormones.  This dude is just one big chunk of cat!

Squeakers is amazing.  I'm so impressed that he made it through all the harsh weather.  Not only is he healthy, but he is growing!  He is no longer the runt of the crew.

Yeah, I think it would be nice to live the life of a cat and just nap whenever the mood strikes.

Beef weigh-in really sounds just like what it is, and then a bit more.  First the girls registered to show cattle in our county fair.  The next step is to bring them all in to be tagged and weighed.

This procedure keeps a record of all cattle for the fair, and keeps everyone a bit honest.  This cow today will be in the fair come July.  You don't have to show them all, but others cannot be added in at a later date.  We registered all four calves to both girls because we are not sure what the best matches in temperament are yet.

I didn't get any good pictures of our calves with my good camera because Tall Guy would tag me if I wasn't ready at a moment's notice to help him as we loaded and unloaded our four calves.  Thank You Samsung 4 for making such an awesome phone camera!

Cowgirls come in all shapes and sizes.  These happy faces will be walking 1200+ lb. calves in to the ring in about five months.

Now, if they haven't yet, it's time to play "Get to Know Your Calves!"

Stay tuned for further adventures!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


As you might remember, Tink played two sports this fall, soccer and volleyball.  Soccer was all about the fun and learning, but volleyball...well.....we kept score! AND WE WON 5TH GRADE BENTON COUNTY CHAMPS!

The very next day, these young ladies turned in their volleyball jerseys for basketball jerseys, and we parents started trying to find ways to keep our cool, because girls' basketball..............


See?  It is not for the parental weak heart. But we had an AWESOME season!  This was the girls' third year playing together and with four incredible sixth grade girls.  I still cannot tell you the win-loss record, but...

we did host a 5th grade invitational tourney at our school, and despite a raging snowstorm and bringing the whole team over here to eat lunch, our 5th grade team beat two teams that had beaten us earlier in the season to win our very own tourney and trophy!

Not every basketball player gets the opportunity to cut down a piece of the net, so this is a big WHOOP for our girl!  Tink was not the top scorer, but she hustled, set some picks that made this momma's heart stop then whoop, and she gave it her all.  They all did; every game they left their best performance on the floor. SO proud of her, her teammates, and her coaches for all the hard work and progress accomplished this year, and I can't wait to watch them come together for their final season as Sacred Heart Cardinals next year.  These young ladies ROCK!!

(These games and practices and tourneys were a big reason I kind of neglected my blog this fall and winter, but a Momma has to do and go and be what a Momma has to do and go and be.  I learned how to try and run the scoreboard, but I'm a bit too emotional to do that on a regular basis!).

Best news?  Soccer practice doesn't start until August!  Now to get all our 4-H projects lined up, started, and finished between now and then!  It's always an adventure........

Monday, February 17, 2014

So What/Who Are You?

I'm not sure if it's cabin fever or what, but I have jumped on the band wagon with several of my Facebook pals and fallen into the abyss of filling out these 10 question personality evaluations.  It really is kind of fun, and there might just be a relationship/correlation between all the results!

Star Trek Next Generation Character I most identify with:  Deanna Troy, the Empath/counselor
Star Trek Original Character:  Dr Leonard McCoy, or Bones as he is affectionately called.  Loved him!
Career Most Suited to Me:  Humanitarian I think teacher would fit in there!
90's Movie Soundtrack:  Batman Forever  hmmmmm Seal's "Kiss from a Rose..."   hmmmm.....
Downton Abbey Character: Matthew Crowley  Don't know him, but he seems nice!
Classic Rock Band:  The Rolling Stones   (That's just bogus!  I'm an Eagles girl all the way! But I have been known to get down with Mic and the boys when the mood strikes.)
US State I Should Live in:  Alaska   (It is on my Bucket List as one of the few states I have not visited, but I politely decline that invitation until July or August because of the last three months of weather around here!)
Disney Villain:  Maleficent ( I didn't actually publish that one, but Angelina Jolie is going to portray this evil pain in Auroa's life, aka, Sleeping Beauty.  I don't like villains!)
Disney Sidekick: Olaf from Frozen......sigh.......gotta be all the snow outside

Let me share with you what I learned:

1.  I need to get up from my chair and walk away from this computer.
2.  I am easily swayed by the actions of my Facebook friends (Sarah, Jent, and Kristi to name a few!)
3.  Except for the match up with The Stones, I see some truth to certain personal character traits.  
4.  I have seen my friends results nail the personalities I see in them most of the time.
5.  I need to know wich Pink Lady I would be from the movie, Grease!  

Sometimes you just need a bit of self-introspection right?

By the way, I got Jan.  Guess I am a goofy sidekick, but I was secretly hoping for Rizzo!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Massacre in My Kitchen!

Sweet Nefertiti!  This is not blood.  No one died, but it IS red velvet cake mix as it comes in contact with moisture from my kitchen sink.......... It gets better!

That is not .....uhm ...really organic material; it's burnt chocolate.

And this IS, unfortunately burnt chocolate in my pan.  Sigh...... What a waste!

This is what you were supposed to see.

Everyone was just raving about Miss Sarah's Valentine's Day Twist on Puppy Chow (click on the link for the recipe) over at This Farm Family's Life, so I thought I would make it for Bear's class party.  Miss Jent, over at From My Front Porch, calls this stuff "Puppy Crack" because she just can't make it fast enough.

I cannot seem to make it at all, at least on the first or second try.

Last night, after a day of two trips to Indy, picking up the girls from my wonderful neighbor's house because Bear wasn't feeling good at school, a 4th grade girls' basketball game, and finishing everyone's homework, (p.s. Bear was absolutely 100% A-OK by the time I got to her and still is to this moment), I thought I had better mosey out and make the treats for her Valentine's Day class.

Obviously the first step of melting chocolate went about as poorly as both the Russian and USA men's skaters did last night.  I gave UP!

Cut to this morning. I thought about Jent's suggestion of melting the chocolates in the microwave, so I decided I would try it one more time.  It took longer than she suggestested, but IT WORKED!  WOOOO!  Just as I finished stirring the last unmelted pieces together, the phone was the girls' principal!

"Mrs. Wallpe, I know this is short notice, but could you possibly come in to sub in the pre Kindergarten class this morning?"

"Absolutely!  Be right there!"

It was 7:30.  School starts around 8:05.  It takes me about 10 minutes to get to school, BUT I wasn't quite ready to go out in public, and I finally had my melted chocolate ready to go!

So......I poured it on to the Rice Chex, stirred and blended, and poured the red velvet cake/powdered sugar mix on top of it, and then realized I usually do this step in a BIG baggie....CRAP!

I put one bowl on top of the other, had the presence of mind to go to the sink first, and just shook the stuff back and forth , up and down, and maybe sideways until I thought it was coated.  The clock said 7:40.

I plopped the bowl down, dashed upstairs to try and manage my bed head, decided my jeans would have to do, grabbed a red shirt, and took the extra minute to find the" hearty" earrings I always wore to school on Valentine's Day when I taught, and flew back down stairs.  It's now 7:45. This is how my kitchen sink looked and remained until 3:00 this afternoon!

Ushered (I'm pretty sure the girls would have a different word or two to describe this process), but I did usher them to the van, only to find they had not grabbed their Valentine's Day cards.  Tink found hers first, Bear thought Tink had hers by mistake, and I'm trying not to yell


Hmmmm..... I might have actually said that outloud in about that voice.  Finally found Bear's cards, and we flew to school, arriving just as the first bell rang.

The blessed little group of 4-5 year olds were adorable and took it easy on this ol' high school teacher.  I even witnessed one girl tying her shoe for the very first time by herself.  I was right there with her!  How precious is that?

So Ms. Beckie Farrant at Infarrantly Creative, I listened to you yesterday, ( that's me in the white with a red sweater thingie on.  Thanks Cris Goode for letting me snag your pic!)

and I am sharing all the chaos and calamity behind the scenes of a story that has a happy ending.

Final results:

Perfection is where you look for it, and you know what?  Two bunny ears, one chasing the other one through a hole, come together to make a bow, and that looks an awful lot like a heart!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best Valentine's Day Present EVER!

Ok guys out there!  There is still time to pull this off!  Read carefully, and take good notes!


Today was the first day in recent memory there were no school delays and/or closings running along the bottom of our local news station!

Today was the day that Tall Guy and I thought would put us back on the road to normal.  He was going to haul grain, and I was headed to Indy with two friends to commune with my RFOA friends.  We were sooooo excited to get the girls on the bus and get going......

But Miss Bear woke up with a tummy ache.......Sigh.....

I have to be very honest here and say that I was very frustrated....We have been fighting tummy aches for a while now, and we are attacking them from every angle possible, but they are totally unpredictable, and I think are 50% physical and 50% emotional.  If she wakes up with them, she is usually ready to go to school by 10:00.  I hadn't seen my blog pals for several months, and I was pretty darned sure this tummy ache meant I was going to go longer because my meeting in Indy, 70+ miles away, started at 10:00....

Here's the important part of this guys!

Tall Guy said he would take care of Bear!!  Not only did he say that, but as I was upstairs scrambling to get ready, he hollered up the stairs and asked if I wanted eggs for breakfast!

WOW!  "Uhm...sure!"

"Do you want me to add cheese, tabasco sauce, and Onion Onion?"

Silence......."Yeah! That would be awesome!"

"Do you want me to make you some coffee?"

Speechless......"That would be great!"

"Mom! (Tink has now jumped on the 'I love Mom' party wagon) Dad wants to know where the cappuccino stuff is that you like in your coffee!"

I have now totally fallen in love all over again with my husband!

It doesn't take chocolates or a candle-lit dinner.  He knew how I liked my eggs and coffee!

Love you Tall Guy!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Inedible Items Are in Your Freezer?

Like everyone out there, I have had a variety of things in my freezer...

Snowballs, flowers, small zip-lock bags of garbage (until it was time for it to go out because it was stinky!), meat, fruits, vegetables, meals, desserts, and ice.

I think I have told you about my two freezers, but we do have a third, kind of one on stand-by in case one goes wonky, or we have an overflow, or get the urge to defrost the one that gets frosty....

The other day, Tall Guy looked up at me and said, "OH!  Did I show you what I put in the freezer?"


He gets a big smile and looks about as happy as a twelve-year-old kid with his first rifle.....

"Uh-Oh....What is it?"

"Come on out here.  I have to SHOW it to you."

With not a little bit of worry, I found my shoes and traipsed out to the garage with him.  He goes to our second string freezer, and pulls this out.  Nephew Jay, this was right next to the rest of your beef!

It seemed small, but why the black bag????

Ok, here is the big reveal:

That, my friends, is a mink!  The poor guy found himself on the wrong side of our live trap, meant for varmints like opossums and raccoons and, the occasional, sometimes frequent, skunk.  The night this guy walked in was a cold one, and unfortunately he didn't make it.  Kind of makes you wonder since he did have on his mink coat....

Well, he's still there because we don't know quite what to do with him. He is fairly well preserved, so TG is making some calls.  Stay tuned!