Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Day in Lana's Life: "The Neighborhood"

I can't believe I haven't written about this before.  I was over at Little Indiana's blog page (if you haven't gone over to visit with Miss Jessica, you need to scoot over there next and get acquainted. She is all about Indiana and small towns)....

By the way, You can click Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations, and buy her great book about the hidden treasures the small towns of Indiana have to offer to visitors and locals alike.

Anywho.... She was talking about being able to run over to a neighbor's house and borrow stuff when she is in a pinch.  I think that is a rather easy thing to do in a small town, but out here where the deer and coyote play, neighbors are few and far between.  Happily, my closest neighbor, a mere quarter of a mile down the road, is a complete angel.

Wannie has saved me from many a near catastrophe. I called her in a complete, when I started to cut the girls' hair for the first time.

The very first time the girls went out trick or treating, they had to go over to Wannie and Mike's house to show off their costumes.  Wannie is the best "Ooooer and Ahhhhher" you will ever meet!

Whenever we are out and about, the girls are always on the lookout for turtles, Miss Wannie's favorite collector's item.  Sometimes I try to talk the girls into sharing pictures with her. I'm not sure that she has seen all of these pictures, but here are a few that saved my pocketbook!

Miss Wannie has popped up in my blog here and there, most recently the time we chatted while we were both driving farm machinery.  She and Farmer Mike have been over to celebrate the girls' birthdays.  We've gathered around bonfires, eaten at some yummy places, and Wannie and I are quite good at finding reasons to"do" lunch somewhere fun and festive.

We have supplied each other with countless kitchen and pantry goods.  One time I made out like a bandit!  Her daughter and DIL came over to exchange a bottle of wine for a little can of green chilies! We have also gone on countless walks along the windmill paths and shopping trips.  I thank the Good Lord every day for putting such a wonderful neighbor in my life's path.

We are known as "The Neighborhood" to her grandkids. They always have to come down to see what kittens are pouncing around the tool shed.

Last spring we really tested our friendship by traveling together to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and of course we had a blast!

The boys liked to hang in the shade, but sometimes they got the itch to go find Wannie and I, and we were usually........


I hope you have neighbors just as fun and crazy as we do.  If so, you are truly blessed.

Until next time Peeps, have a wonderful day,
and go make a positive difference
in someone's life!

Monday, January 9, 2017

5+ Ways to Create Unique Pictures with the FotoRus App.

I have been playing quite a bit with photo apps on my Samsung Note 5.  The camera on this phone and most newer smartphones are capable of taking incredible, high-res pictures to use on Instagram, blog posts, and even hang on your walls!   There are tons of photo apps out there for your smartphones, but today I am going to zero in on one:  The FotoRus.

 5+ Ways to Create Unique Pictures with the FotoRus App

While you can head to Amazon and get the latest and greatest books on social media and smartphone secrets,

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I am also compiling my own lists as I find them and read through them on Pinterst.  You can follow along on my Smartphone Photography Board by clicking here.

Ok now let's get to this new app.  First of all this is a FREE APP!!!!  It is also an app that can be used by Android and iPhones. There is even an app for your PC.  How cool is that?   Once you download the app, you just run any photo from your Gallery collection on your phone through one of its SIX editing choices, and let your imagination take you a way!

Let me walk you through this first section on FotoRus.

Collage Section:  Magazine Shot:

Chose where you want to get your photos, and then you can select 1-10 pictures to use.

Next, select the layout you like, and the pictures will populate in the spaces.

You can move your pictures around and re-size them to get the look you like.

Ta Da!

In homage to Jane Jetson, that lovely future generation housewife who was able to put on her morning face mask before answering her visual phone, the Beauty shot can turn a scary selfie into a presentable version of you, or me as seen below.  I added foundation, blush, mascara and lip gloss in about one minute. Wish it was that quick in real life!
Without any makeup....                                                                                     With digital makeup  :-)
Just in time for Valentine's Day or any day when romance is in the air, you can jump into the Sticker part of the app, and add stickers from their vast collection to your picture.  These two were so curious about each other!

I think the section that most intrigues me is the PIP or Picture in Picture.  How fun is this????

And finally.........this one that I am going to print off this afternoon and frame for a certain Tall Guy we all know and love.  What a unique and yet simple gift, and all I had to do was print it off and frame it! Nothing like getting a leg up on upcoming holidays.

All of the these pictures were completed within a minute or two.  NO FUSSING!!!!  The remaining two sections are the InstaBeauty Section for a more intensive touch up for face shots and the Pro Edit Section so you can make edits right in the app and then play with it in the other sections.  Easy Peasy!!!  SIX ways to create beautiful fun pictures at your finger tips.

Ok, now it's your turn.  What is your favorite go-to photo app on your phone?  Maybe you have heard of one and want to know what it does.  Shoot me your answer in the comment box below, and I will add them to my list of apps to try.

Until next time Peeps, have a wonderful day,
and go make a positive difference
in someone's life!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

It's Calving Time Again!

This is a post from last January, but I thought it good enough to bring back since it is almost that time again.  We are anxiously waiting for our second generation herd to make its appearance. While we are waiting, it's a good time to review what happened last year.  ~ ENJOY!

P.S.  The calf you will meet toward the end of this post, Smokey, is going to be Miss Bear's Show steer for this year's fair!  This is what he looks like today!

Way back in April we introduced Bubba to our eight Heifer calves, and I bet you all have been wondering just how long it takes from the big date until a heifer/cow has her calf, right?  Well, the wait is over!  How long is the gestation of a heifer/cow?  274 days, give or take.

 How Long Does It Take for a Cow to have a Calf?

So what happens on the farm when we start a herd of cattle?  It's pretty much like a human pregnancy in that there is a lot of waiting and uncertainty unless you go fancy and high tech.  It does start with a visit to or in this case by the doctor to confirm that each heifer (These ladies have never had a calf, so they get to be called heifers until their first calving.) is pregnant with a viable calf.  On July 6, we had a vet team from Purdue come out to the farm for a "preg check."  Kind of like our first visit to the obgyn doctor to get the official ultra sound and particulars. 

This team was an all-girl team, which I thought was very impressive!

I'm not so sure Miss 04003 thought this was as interesting as the rest of us on her other end found it!

PSA:  Whenever you see a cow's ears go back like this, I pray there is a wall between you and it, or you had best find one quick and scramble over to the other side ASAP!

LOVE this sign!  I'm quite certain that honked off heifers and protective mommas can do it in 8!

Sorry about the glare, but the vets and techs used an ultrasound machine to see the size and position of each calf in the womb. Look in the upper half of the screen to see it.

Now we cut to January 23....Cow #14 had to wait a a week past her due date predicted by the vet, to have our first calf!   (Can this momma get a few sympathy votes for going a week past her due date?????)

Here's Smokey:

While we didn't pass out cigars, this little dude's picture hit the social media waves and family text messages!  Smokey is the first calf born on this farm in over ten years.  Woo!

Now the watch is on for the rest of our new mommas to finish their journey.  Baby Calf #2 joined us this morning.

We separate each calf and momma pair off from the rest of the heard for at least a day so they can have some bonding time and figure out the whole nursing thing without any distractions from the "Aunties in waiting."

Smokey is out and about now getting oodles of attention from his momma and the rest of those Aunties

Stay tuned for more pics from the nursery as our new calves make their arrivals.  Any questions about these babies?  Leave them in the comment section!

Until next time Peeps,
Have a wonderful day,
and go make a positive difference 
in someone's life!