Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Day in Lana's Life: "The Neighborhood"

I can't believe I haven't written about this before.  I was over at Little Indiana's blog page (if you haven't gone over to visit with Miss Jessica, you need to scoot over there next and get acquainted. She is all about Indiana and small towns)....

By the way, You can click Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations, and buy her great book about the hidden treasures the small towns of Indiana have to offer to visitors and locals alike.

Anywho.... She was talking about being able to run over to a neighbor's house and borrow stuff when she is in a pinch.  I think that is a rather easy thing to do in a small town, but out here where the deer and coyote play, neighbors are few and far between.  Happily, my closest neighbor, a mere quarter of a mile down the road, is a complete angel.

Wannie has saved me from many a near catastrophe. I called her in a complete, when I started to cut the girls' hair for the first time.

The very first time the girls went out trick or treating, they had to go over to Wannie and Mike's house to show off their costumes.  Wannie is the best "Ooooer and Ahhhhher" you will ever meet!

Whenever we are out and about, the girls are always on the lookout for turtles, Miss Wannie's favorite collector's item.  Sometimes I try to talk the girls into sharing pictures with her. I'm not sure that she has seen all of these pictures, but here are a few that saved my pocketbook!

Miss Wannie has popped up in my blog here and there, most recently the time we chatted while we were both driving farm machinery.  She and Farmer Mike have been over to celebrate the girls' birthdays.  We've gathered around bonfires, eaten at some yummy places, and Wannie and I are quite good at finding reasons to"do" lunch somewhere fun and festive.

We have supplied each other with countless kitchen and pantry goods.  One time I made out like a bandit!  Her daughter and DIL came over to exchange a bottle of wine for a little can of green chilies! We have also gone on countless walks along the windmill paths and shopping trips.  I thank the Good Lord every day for putting such a wonderful neighbor in my life's path.

We are known as "The Neighborhood" to her grandkids. They always have to come down to see what kittens are pouncing around the tool shed.

Last spring we really tested our friendship by traveling together to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and of course we had a blast!

The boys liked to hang in the shade, but sometimes they got the itch to go find Wannie and I, and we were usually........


I hope you have neighbors just as fun and crazy as we do.  If so, you are truly blessed.

Until next time Peeps, have a wonderful day,
and go make a positive difference
in someone's life!

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