Friday, February 3, 2017

Farmer Friday: Oh Baby! Baby! Baby!

Well, now....... Look what we have going on out in the barns!  Hope you can handle all this cuteness. So far we have four calves skipping around their mommas and four to five still to come.  Yeah, I can't keep the number straight in my head, and I'm too comfy to get up and check.  It's an awesome, rare sunny day out here on the Ridge, and I'm working in the sun room to enjoy it without freezing in the windy 20 something degree air.  Gotta love all these southern windows!

Let's check and see how the little ones are doing.  All of the births so far have been quite easy on both mommas and their calves.  Three of the four have occurred in the wee hours and greeted Tall Guy as he did his morning checks in the maternity pen before heading out for chores.

~Photography Tip~

For these pictures I was NOT as close to the animals as it may seem.  ALWAYS assume that all mommas are protective by nature, and stay a safe distance away.  I used my Tamron 18-270mm  lens to get up close, and then I cropped pictures to bring the cows in even closer. If you are using a smartphone, your natural instinct is to zoom in on your subject, but doing that messes with the quality of your picture.  Instead, snap the picture WITHOUT zooming, then zoom in or crop on that picture in your photo editor of choice, and you will have a better quality picture.  Try it both ways to see what I mean.

The first two pictures are of Ms. Melania, or Mel as we have been calling her.  She is doing just fine, and will probably be our Queen Bee on the lot when she is older since she was the first calf born,

Hot on Mel's heels, however, was this little lady.  Believe it or not, she is nameless as of yet.   Miss K is supposed to do the honors, but she has been pretty busy running up and down the basketball court, so we will be patient a bit longer.  You can't tell it, but this calf is much smaller compared to her other girlfriends.  i will try to get a picture of them all together very soon.

Yep, I said girlfriends because all four new calves are heifers!  Not sure why that is, but sometimes you see big families with all girls or all boys.  Ok, I had to move from my sun seat so I checked on the remaining ladies "in waiting."

We have four more calves to add to this year's group, so there is still a chance there will be a boy or two or even four in the mix. Number 13-7 is "open."  That means she did not conceive with the bull. She did, however, have a calf last year, so we will give her another year to see if her not being able to conceive was just a fluke.

I had to save the cutest one for last, and she is the newest calf on the lot.  She was born January 31, and Momma is still very protective of her.  Want to see just how cute this one is up close?????


Ok. Scroll down to the next picture.

Ta Da!  How stinkin' cute is she?  LOVE that little face and the different colors in her hair.

I would love to name this one Fancy.  What do you think?  Do you have any names you would like to throw in the hat for these last two girls?  Please share them with me, and we will see how they fit.

Until next time Peeps, have a wonderful day, 
and go make a positive difference 
in someone's life!

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