Thursday, February 1, 2018

Big Changes Going on in My Kitchen!!!!

I suppose I could start off this post with a declarative statement, something like

"There is a refrigerator in my dining room!"

See?  There it is trying to hide behind a door, tricky thing! 

Yes, I know that's not where it belongs...And my dishwasher shouldn't be out in my garage, right?

Those of you who know me well will understand what is happening; it's been a long time coming, but the kitchen renovation is in full swing.

I truly loved my kitchen walls.  My friend Kristi and I had a lot of fun creating this look.  I'll never forget coming down the stairs that first morning and seeing this tree in all its glory gracing my corner.

Change is good, though, and once this project is finished, both the tree and the stairs will be gone.

Happily, we are keeping this painted door and chalkboard.

The chalkboard has "always" been in the kitchen (at least as long as anyone remembers), and that door with my Pumpkin sitting on the French door just makes me smile.  This area above is where most of our remodel is happening.  The painted door leads to the upstairs, the middle door leads to the basement, and the door with the glass window leads back to the porch/laundry area.  I should use the past-tense verb because all three doorways are now gone.

Right now, we are the critical stage of this project where I start to fret if I pick out the right cabinets, paint, light fixtures, and countertop....  I just pray it looks as great in reality as it does in my head.

My two goals for this remodel are to have more counter space and have a place for all of us to gather for breakfast and lunch...... other than sitting in the living room scattering crumbs and "stuff" everywhere.

The girls have definitely outgrown the table Uncle Ed made them.

Yes, unfortunately, we have drifted away from family meals being eaten at the table, and I miss that. I know my friend, Stacey Little, over at Southern Bite, is all about bringing family and friends back to the dining table for conversation and fellowship while eating everyone's favorite southern dishes.  

I stumbled upon this quote.  It truly states the importance of a kitchen:

The kitchen is where we deal
with the elements of the
universe. It is where we can come to
understand our past and ourselves.
~Laura Esquivel

Well said Ms. Esquivel, well said. A kitchen is a family place, a gathering place for family and friends to gather together to cook and talk about life. I know my friends, sisters Miss Megan and Miss Barbara, are also revisiting the kitchen as a place where cherished, time-honored recipes are created and handed down from favorite family cookbooks at These Old Cookbooks.  

So how is it going you ask??  There might be a few preview pictures popping up on my Instagram feed and Lana's Life Facebook page.  Keep in touch, and I will keep you posted.

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