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Welcome to the farm!  You will find that I wear many hats around here, but my life first and foremost is that of a farmwife/farmer working with my husband to raise cattle, corn, beans, hay, various kittens/cats, and most importantly two young ladies, our daughters.  Miss K is an 8th grader this year, and Miss Bear is queen bee as she is in the 6th grade class, the oldest class in her school.

Growing Crops and Raising Feeder Cattle:

      You will read quite a few posts that cover what we are doing on the farm. I grew up watching and helping my Grandpa farm, and Tall Guy has been farming since he could put his boots on by himself. We live in the house my husband, Tall Guy (TG for short), has lived in all his life, and before his parents moved here to start their married life, both sets of his grandparents lived here at some point in time.   While our grain farming is keeping up with the many technology advances that precision planting and GPS-controlled steering, our cattle operation has changed breeds, from dairy to feeder cattle and cow/calves, but we still raise and feed them just about the same way in facilities that are older than both of us. Both of us having a long line of farmers in our family trees, and I will grab the opportunity when it pops up to reflect on changes on the farm from "back in the day" and now.

Spending Time in the Kitchen:

I come from a family of incredibly great cooks!  My dad's mother, Grandma Lyons, ran Hazelden Country Club in Brook, Indiana for Mr. George Ade, a 20th Century Hoosier poet and playwright, cooking meals for all of his guests, and then she and Grandpa ran the Brook Hotel, where her recipes and home-style meals were know throughout northwest Indiana.  All of her daughters are/were excellent cooks too, and I learned standing between them.  My mom is also known in Brook for her pies, cookies, and noodles, and no town function is complete without at least one of these dishes.  Her most popular dish around here is called Red Stuff, and my niece and nephews who are now all in their 20's and 30's melt every time they see her carrying in the Red Stuff Bowl!  I will share old secret family recipes, recipes that my awesome friends pass along,  and try my own hand at new ideas.

Learning to Photograph What I See:

My hobbies are photography and travel, so there will be tips and tricks on how to take pictures and where to go on getaways. There might even be a few posts about where NOT to go and what NOT to do when taking pictures!  Stay tuned.  Expect picture posts about the latest group of kittens, calves, new flowers and our landscape project, and photo documentation of the latest remodels going on at/in our farmhouse. I'm also one of those crazy girls who shoots just as fast and furious with my smartphone when my Nikon DSLR isn't handy, so we will talk about two options to take pictures!

Raising Two Daughters:

I quit/retired from 18 years of teaching high school English in 2002 because our first daughter, Miss K, was on the way, and at 40 1/2 years of age, I didn't think I could be a great mom and a great teacher at the same time. The work load and the 80 mile a day commute just left little time to be home with our girls. Miss B arrived two weeks exactly before Miss K's second birthday, and you will be reading a lot about our past journeys and muddling through the tween and teen years.  I promise not to hold too much back, but I will try to stay out of their doghouses.  They are truly a farmer's daughters, and dirt doesn't scare them one bit.

Renovating Our 100 Year Old 
Farm House

We have been making changes to our farmhouse for most of the 15 years we have lived in it as husband and wife.  From a total rewiring to foam insulation, to adding three new rooms and an attached garage, to FINALLY taking up the ancient carpet in the living and dining room to enjoy the incredible original hardwood floors sleeping beneath it, we are turning this house into our dream 21 Century farm house.  I will share our tips and our what NOT-to-dos as we continue this journey.

Blogging Background:

What will you find here on the pages of Lana's Life?  Quite a variety of topics because I am a Jill of All Trades.  I work with a group of like-minded bloggers who organized Real Farmwives of America, and now we meet several times a year to promote Agriculture in Indiana through Indiana Soybean Association (ISA).  This group works with various Ag organizations in the state like Indiana Families of Farmers, Indiana Corn Associations, Indiana Farm Bureau, Indiana Pork, Indiana Beef, and Indiana Dairy Council.  We also partner with organizations such as the Indianapolis Colts and Kroger stores.

It is my hope that this blog is a fun place for readers to have a chat with me over a cup of coffee.  If you ever have any questions about what we do, how we do it, or why we do it, please leave a comment, and I will answer them.  If this blog fits a certain product or idea you would like for me to share, please send me an email, and let's work together to make that happen!  ibcfarmgirl@gmail.com

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