Tuesday, February 21, 2017

$35 Dollars Well Spent

$35.00.......  That's a good amount of money to plot out a fun day.  Take a friend out to lunch.  Go see a movie. Splurge on a new shirt.  The possibilities are endless, but how many of us take the time to do any of these things?  I'm talking to the moms out there.  The ladies who are taking care of flu-sick families, cleaning up after everyone, running healthy kiddos to basketball practices, attending school and volunteer meetings, packing inspiring lunches, and creating mouth-watering meals for supper time.

Know anyone like that?

Yeah, Me neither.  (Ha Ha!)

Some of us are doing all this on top of a job that takes us away from the home.  My hat is off to those special moms!

I have some advice that I finally took myself:  Make a little time to do something for yourself!  Make $35 your limit or $40, and find a way to spend it so that you come back from your experience a happier, calmer, better mom.

Well, after rescheduling my $35 plan two times to help others in my family do what they needed to do, I finally kept my appointment yesterday.  The crazy thing is I almost called and canceled again because staying at home for just a bit sounded so tempting and peaceful, but I'm glad summoned up the energy to put myself in the van and head south 25 miles for this:

Yes, those are my little piggies.  Did you know that it is hard to take a picture of your toes?  Yep, They want to do all sorts of crazy things like spread apart, or hide behind each other.  Come to think of it, that's about how real piggies act.....  Anywho, you get the idea.  I went and had a pedicure!

Now if you don't like people messing with your toes, you could try a manicure, but this was one hour of heaven for me!  My pedi included a foot and lower leg massage, a water massage for my feet, and the whole time I was sitting in an electric massage chair with several settings so I could find just the right soothing effect.   Some minutes were spent with Taylor, the bright young lady working hard to make my toes pretty, and I chatting, but about half the time was spent in pleasant silence.

Mommas out there, I strongly encourage you to take $35 and spend on yourselves in an effort to grab a bit of calm and well-deserved peace for yourself.  Shoot, there might be some thing you want to do that fits this bill and is free! Having a pedi did the trick for me.  The pink makes me smile, and I came home totally relaxed..... well until everyone started coming in the door with all the tales and stresses of their days.  I could honestly smile and give an understanding ear to all the news of the day because under the table my little piggies were still enjoying the afterglow of their spa time.

I would love to hear how you give yourself a bit of pampering and "Me" time.  Please share them in the comments below!

Promise me, or rather, promise yourself you will grab a bit of time just for you.  You are worth it!

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