Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lana's Life: A Look at My Rural Childhood.

I showed you in a previous post how I grew up around our family farm, but we actually lived two counties south of Newton County in Tippecanoe County, the southern part.  I thought I would show you some pictures of what "back in the day" looks like.  We were always country folk!  (and I wasn't always this old!) ha ha!

Ah...... This is where I spent years 3-10.
Loved this place!
Oops!  Not IN the cemetery,
but on the porch where this picture was taken.

Up here.
Can you see the house in all the trees?
Sheep grazed in the front pasture, cattle roamed the woods
to the right,  and I swear that lane was a mile long.
You try to walk down it with your short little legs in the winter! 
Poor Dad had to dig it out by hand when the snow got deep, and it did!

 But it was beautiful in the spring.
Love red bud trees!

 Now, what country girl hasn't been mushroom hunting! 
Love those Morels too!
Pass the butter!

And fishing...(Those are BIG crappies)

and climbing trees.

A new home where years 11-the college years were spent!
Only house on the road!  
This is where we lived during the three MAJOR blizzards of the late '70's.
During the worst one in '78, we were snowed in for TWO WEEKS!

Me with braces?!?! 
I must really feel comfortable with you all!  
Get ready for some animal pictures!

 Learning to ice skate ON the garden!
Only out in the country do we do these things!

A tube top?!?!
Thank goodness I have the cat!

Farrah hair,
and pumpkins!
We grew some bodaciously big ones that year!

So hopefully you see that I came into my marriage to a farmer with a strong rural background and familiarity with what it means to farm and live out here on this great farm Tall Guy has always called home.  More on Tall Guy's farming youth and family stories in a post to come.

Until next time, Peeps!  Have a great day,
and go make a positive difference
in someone's day!

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